Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Reaction & Review

The start of Attack on Titan season 4 episode 1 was perfectly executed starting off with a new character Falco Grice lying on the ground saying “Hey it’s dangerous here…” You soon realize he is lying in the middle of the battlefield when you see bullets fly on the screen. His brother Colt saves him and brings him back to base.

Colt soon reports that the Eldian vanguard was bombed and only a handful survived. He does not want to move forward with the plan because of the handful of soldiers who were killed.

You are then introduced to another batch of new characters. Falco is injured and talking as if he is “drunk” Gabi Braun explained. She then dumped water on his head to wake him up so he can talk clearly. She tells him that they are going to put an end to the four-year war once they take over fort Zlava. In this scene, you also meet Zofia and Udo.

Falco begins to question why warrior candidates are on the front lines during this war. Gabi explains to him that their captain, Captain Magath made it a part of the selection process to see who deserves the role. The Captain is looking for someone to inherit the Armored titan role. Gabi is very passionate about getting the role so she can shape the future in her own hands. She is then seen crafting a weapon.

Colt is heard arguing with Captain Magath about sending troops out on their feet and fears it is impossible because of the machine guns. Colt suggests deploying Jaw and The Cart. The Captain doesn’t agree with him and then notices that the armored train has arrived. Which is revealed that it is an anti titan cannon.

The cannon can take out a titan in one shot. 800 Eldians are being set to attack the railroad. The Eldians are seen shaking in fear. Some of the troops are labeled as suicide troops because they are sent to dive into the pillboxes and neutralize the machine guns. Gabi interrupts and shows the weapon she created.

After some convincing, she is granted permission to try to stop it all on her own. Gabi removed her uniform for the sake of the plan. She is then seen acting on the battlefield with her hands up. Two men are having a discussion if they should kill her. She has the bomb tied to her leg. Then she pretends to get shot and lies on the ground. She removes the bomb from her foot and waits for the perfect moment to throw the bomb at the armored train. She is successful. Gabi runs back to the base as a machine gun is being shot at her. Falco runs to help her. Gabi returns to the base unharmed.

The Jaw Titan is then seen fighting on the battlefield. It then cuts to the inside of the blimps where soldiers discuss that it is time for the airdrop operation to start. Zeke and Reiner are both seen in the blimp where they explain that Zeke will be the spear and Reiner will be the shield.

The soldiers are seen fighting on foot, many dying, then The Cart and Jaw are seen taking action. They completely destroy the railroad. Falco then takes an enemy soldier to help his injuries because he believes he is no threat. Gabi mocks Falco asking him if that is his selling point to get the role as the armored titan. Falco denies her and says he doesn’t care that she thinks he’s useless in battle.

The blimp then starts dropping soldiers onto the battlefield to assist. Zeke yells turning all the soldiers into titans. The titans begin to fight and kill. Reiner then jumps out of the blimp and turns into the armored titan. Reiner begins to destroy everything in his path and cannons begin shooting at him.

He gets hit a few times but ultimately can still move and destroy what is around him. The Jaw Titan (Galliard) jumps in to help Reiner, who avoids getting hit by cannons. Zeke then jumps out of the blimp to assist. He then turns into the beast titan.

Zeke attempts to destroy the Ships, however, they begin to shoot missiles at him. Reiner jumps in to protect him, getting severely injured. Zeke then throws, and destroys the ships. The Mid-East Alliance then signs a peace treaty with Marley. Marley took the victory. The episode ends with Jean reading the newspaper about the war.

Be sure to catch All Ages of Geek’s reaction on Youtube. With every reaction the AAOG crew gives a review, and their insight on the episode. All episodes of AOT season 4 will be covered!

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