Artist Interview: AliAvian

We interviewed AliAvian. An artist who does great fan comics of Team CFVY from RWBY

1. What made you want to become an artist?

I grew up admiring animation and cartoons. I’ve always had a deep passion for the art of telling stories through comics and animation. Growing up while Avatar the Last Airbender was airing on television, it’s that series that was really the cherry on top that made me realize I wanted to be part of the magic of bringing stories to life with art.

2. What kind of art is your favorite to draw, comics or stand alone pieces?

I think comics are my favorite to draw. Though both comics and standalone illustrations both tell stories, I like being able to really explore expressions and actions within comics. There’s more movement within comics and storyboards.

3. You draw a lot of fanart of RWBY. What are some other things you are a fan of?

I’m a fan of all animation. I love watching cartoons. Recently I think Disney TVA has been killing it with their awesome new original animated series. I also love following character artists, comic artists, and other creatives on Instagram.

4. What advice do you have of aspiring artists?

Just keep drawing! Never stop! The more you draw, the more you discover. You learn new skills, and trying new things help you figure out your artist identity. I also think it’s important to look for inspiration in everyday life and when you start to come up with an idea for an art endeavor, stay with it and try it out!

AliAvian Twitter: @AliAvian

AliAvian Instagram: @AliAvian

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