NYCC 2021: Dragon Ball Super Panel Unveils Trailer For Upcoming Film

Dragon Ball Super kicked things off at New York Comic-Con with a special panel for the franchise’s upcoming film. Titled, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the follow-up to Broly was front and center at the panel featuring some members of production sharing some new information on the film. 

Joined by voice actors Ian Sinclair and Monica Rial, the audience was given some fresh information on the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film. The producers shared a new trailer featuring some finished footage, revealing a new animation and some new characters being added into the mix. Some of these new characters were revealed to be Gama 1 and 2, characters that would factor into the plot. Little is known about these characters, but it was teased that the numbers on their chest hold some importance to them.

The new animation style would be the first time it’s being used in the franchise as the team utilizes some new technology to achieve this. The staff also showed some first looks at the new design for characters such as Piccolo, Bulma, and Korin. The trailer showed off shots of Piccolo and Pan, which producers teased would become major players in the story. The upcoming film also unveiled the return of the Red Ribbon Army, a villainous group that was last seen in the Dragon Ball Z series.

Some of the original Japanese voice actors shared the news that their recording portions for the film have already been done as much of the film is still in production. Piccolo and Goku voice actors Toshio Furukawa and Masako Nozawa highlighted their experience coming back to perform their roles and look forward to seeing them in action when the film releases. 

Towards the end of the panel, the producers revealed that the new film would take place after the 28th Budokai Tournament and the events of Broly. In a way, this would be considered a sequel of sorts to the series as it still is within the 10-year time span after the defeat of Majin Buu. Since there’s no confirmed release date, audiences can expect to look forward to the new film sometime in 2022. 

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