I Watched The Dragon Prince for the First Time

Now, going into this show, I had no expectations. I knew some character names and looks, but that’s about it. After thinking about it and thinking about it some more, I finally cracked and decided to give it a go. I am disappointed that it took me this long to watch this show!

From the very first episode the show grabbed me by the shirt collar and said, “Welcome to the show! ENJOY THE RIDE!” I watched all of season one in a day, and did NOT regret it and I am not the sort to just binge a show. It has to hold my attention, and this show did. In a time where I thought I knew where the story was going, this show said, “Oh really?” and threw a plot twist at me.

This shows voice acting is great. They all have very distinct voices that fit the character’s design. Speaking of the design, they are all top tier. Monsters, characters, weapons, locations, all felt perfect for where in the world they are or where they are from.

If I look close enough, I am bound to find something I don’t like. However, fresh off my first viewing of it, I have to say that this is one show where I got to admit that it is a 5 Star show. Everything I enjoy. The villain is honestly intimidating and for good reason. Personally, if I want someone to watch this show, I will avoid spoilers at all costs, even if they WANT to be spoiled.

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