Animal Crossing Purgatory Theory

Today I have a pretty dark theory about Animal Crossing. It is a theory that is very interesting and that has apparently changed my view of the game forever. There have been many theories about Animal Crossing in recent years that have caused much debate in the community. One of the most popular theories was about Kapp’n. Kapp’n was the character in the previous games that brought us to our island or town. He looks a lot like a Kappa, a creature from Japanese folklore that kidnaps young children. It is obvious that the creators of the game were inspired by this myth when they created this character. It shows that some theories can have a real background.


But what is the theory about that I will cover in this article? Well, the point is that the character we play in the game has died and is now in purgatory, where he has to prove himself with good deeds to get to Heaven. But how do you get the assumption that our character has died and is now in purgatory? Well, there are many clues in the game that indicate this. One argument for this theory is that we’re always working to turn a wasteland into a beautiful island paradise. We are always at work, building bridges and stairs, decorating the island, and building houses for the other villagers. We are always selfless and help everyone who needs our help. Everything we do is up to us. With our good deeds and hard work, we help Tom Nook to build the island. 

Okay, there are certainly some who are saying now that we cannot have died because we still receive gifts and letters from our mother. That’s right, but the main argument for this theory is the letters we receive from our mother. Because, sometimes we receive letters that sound very disturbing and strange. It sounds like a mother is standing at her child’s grave telling her child what she feels and how much she misses them. Here a few letters that players received from their mother.

“I thank my lucky stars every day for bringing you into my life. Thank you my dear, I love you!”


“I was walking home tonight, and the cold wind was going straight through my coat. It must have been my imagination, but I thought I heard your voice. It spooked me a little.”

– Mom

“I can’t but be a bit nervous about your first solo journey. I’m sending you something to help you along. I will try not to worry.”

– Mom

“The other night your dad and I walked along the river and saw fireflies. Summer is near, have you seen any?”

– Mom

Every time our mother stands by our grave and speaks to us, we receive a letter. It’s the words of a grieving mother who has not yet coped with the death of her child. She tells us how much she loves us and how happy she is that we have been in her life. Okay, it sounds very plausible so far, but what about the gifts we get from our mother? How is that possible when we are dead? Well, it’s simple. When a child dies, relatives, friends or parents often place toys on the child’s grave. If we now receive the gifts from our mother, then these are usually the things she puts on our grave. Things that maybe once belong to us.

This theory is really sad and disturbing, but are we really dead? And do we have to wash our soul in purgatory with good deeds in the game before we finally go to Heaven? Who knows. I personally find the approach of this theory very interesting, because it tries to solve some unanswered questions of the game. For example why we can’t age or why we can’t visit our parents or friends outside of the game etc. In the end it’s just a theory and nothing more. 

The question I ask myself the most is how our character died. I think my character died because he stepped barefoot on a lego. It’s so tragic!

I wish everyone a beautiful and happy day!

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