An Interview With Voice Actor Tony Waldman!

We interviewed Voice Actor Tony Waldman!

1. How long have you been Voice Acting?
I started voiceover training in January of 2017 with Jay Snyder (aka Dan Green) of Yu-Gi-Oh fame and made my animation demo with him. Following that, I made a commercial demo with Shelly Shenoy (Red Dead Redemption 2, Walking Dead game, etc.) and booked my first gig where I only had to say the word “probably.” Talk about low pressure! Since 2018, I’ve been auditioning regularly and the following year I started to freelance with two agents. Most recently, I became the voice of Mr. Monopoly in the Monopoly Junior app licensed by Hasbro and created by PlayDate Digital. My work has ranged from national commercials and radio to trailers, e-learning, voicing a lead in an indie game, and bringing life to a Hogwarts Professor in the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery app.

2.What are your goals for 2021?
Every year, I hope to do more voiceover work than I did the previous year. Also, it would be nice to finally get to do some dubbing in an anime, sign with an agent, and join the organization Fi-Core (allowing me to do both union and non-union work). In terms of my Facebook group, One Piece – One Million fans (the biggest One Piece and anime group [not page] on FB), I would like to continue doing more collaborations with companies and organizations around the world. 

3.What is your favorite anime and how has it inspired you?
I would have to say One Piece. It hits so many different topics and subjects and has further instilled in me the importance of persistence and keeping the best possible support system (nakama) around you. Also, it has one of my favorite soundtracks of all time (which inspired me to do acapella covers of the music) and has been the most rollercoaster anime for me emotionally. I appreciate how One Piece sometimes makes fun of itself and the genre (Shōnen). It makes the more serious and powerful moments all that more poignant. 

4.What advice would you give aspiring voice actors?
You should learn to embrace failure. Failure, over and over again, is part of success. Also, make sure to diversify in genres and get a home studio!

5.What is your favorite thing about geek culture?
I love how geek culture involves a passion for something and knowing / understanding a topic on a very deep level. Anyone can geek about any topic, I think! This kind of culture creates some of the tightest and closest communities! 

Check out his website HERE!

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