An Interview With The Creator of Pumpkin Punks!

We had the honor of interviewing the creator of Pumpkin Punks!

1. How long have you been in the NFT space?

I’ve been in the NFT space for 8 days! I saw my first crypto punk last week and I was instantly mesmerized at how similar the style was to how I used to kill time in class. I love pixelated art and used to make little pumpkins or Christmas trees during holiday season

2. What inspired your work?

Definitely inspired to post my work by a lot of the artists in the space like the crypto whales and crypto punks

3. Tell us about Pumpkin Punks?

Pumpkin punks are 666 unique pixelated jpegs. Each punk is a unique mixture of some of my favourite colour schemes. Im dropping around 18 per day to get to 666 pumpkin punks by Halloween where I will mint my first 1 of 1 pumpkin punk for 1 ETH. I’ve sold around 180 punks. Many copies of each so people can have some Halloween decor on their page. Less about rarity more about sharity lol

4. Where can people find your NFTs?


5. Plans for 2022

And my plans for 2022 are to expand on some of my other collections. I’ve made some Trex style nfts with funny faces like charmander and deadpool etc. It’s a collab with my girlfriend. As well as A League of Sprites which is 512 unique Sprites per league on 1 NFT

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