An Interview with Bandai America

We had the pleasure of interviewing the team from Bandai America. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about their products.


What can anime fans expect from Bandai America in 2021 and 2022?

More Anime Heroes, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Gundam and a couple other really great brands that we have to keep a secret for a little longer.

Which Dragon Ball figures have been a fan favorite? 

Goku and Vegeta will always be fan favorites! Our Dragon Stars line has done exceptionally well at not only bringing Goku and Vegeta to an incredible action figure line but also including all versions, so fans can really collect their favorite power-ups and moments in the Dragon Ball Universe. Other fan favorites are Broly, Gogeta, and the just-released but highly requested Muten Roshi (on pre-sale now). Fans really love the entire character line up and everyone has a fan favorite so it’s hard to choose just a couple.

Where should Dragon Ball fans go to find products on Bandai’s website? 

Fans can find our Dragon Ball figures at Target, Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, and a lot of other retailers as well as hobby shops.

Tell us some fun facts about Bandai figures that make them stand out!

We like to say (and fans agree) that our figures are a spot-on interpretation from the character to the action figure! We make sure that every detail and color is true to character because we are hardcore fans ourselves. Endless possibility for posing, accessories, and recreating epic scenes from your favorite moments is something you can always expect from Bandai figures.

What characters can anime fans expect to see in the Anime Heroes collection? 

We are very excited for what’s to come in the Anime Heroes line, we cannot share any of the new titles yet, but fans can expect some of the most iconic characters from some of the best (new and old) anime shows out there. When you think of the characters you would have to have an action figure for (say for Naruto) we will bringing them to life and making sure that the fan favorites are available.

Ultimate Luminous Gundam and Gundam Infinity are launching in Fall of 2021. What should Gundam fans expect from this launch? 

Gundam for us is such a huge part of what Bandai is and our fandom runs deep. We know there is a huge devoted fanbase out there but also a budding new fanbase that is just discovering Gundam. For us Gundam Luminous and Infinity are both great ads to a beginner’s collection, and diehard fans who want to experience Gundam in a similar but different way.

Our Gundam Luminous line features some of the most known Gundam suits, comes with accessories, and lights up! They are $9.99 and for a light up figure we feel that they are a great addition to any fans collection. A lot of the Gundam fans in the Bandai office have a luminous on their desk.

The Gundam Infinity line pays homage to what core Gundam fans love: Customization and Build a figure! At $12.99 you can start collecting Gundam suits from fan favorite series, movies, and even the Gundam Breaker video game that can all swap parts to fully customize your mobile suite. The bonus is that each figure comes with a Zaku build a figure part that once you collect all 5 allows you to build a Zaku that you cannot purchase individually in the line.

Learn more here

Tell us about the Digimon virtual monster? What can fans expect?

We are happy to be able to bring fans the much-requested Digimon X device this spring (launched in April) and have had great success with the pre-sale that is happening now on Amazon. With Digimon X there are so many new additions to game play, like, Quest mode, XAI, Digimon storage (up to 3 at the same time) and so much more! Not only is there new gameplay but there are also new eggs for fans to evolve and train, and it is reverse compatible with the original device. We hope that fans love the new evolution of Digimon device just as much as we do.

Any news you want to share about Bandai America

Bandai has some great things coming for 22 – we can’t say more but hint hint, fans are going to love it all!

Can customers find Bandai products in store? If so where?

You can find Bandai products in all major retailers: Target, Walmart, Walgreens, GameStop, Amazon, hobby shops, and even more to come.

Where can people find Bandai on the internet? Social Media? 

Answer: Fans can find us online on all the social channels, we love to post about our new figures, pre-sale dates, and just cool content that fans create. You can find us on IG @BandaiAmerica Twitter @BandaiAmerica FB @BandaiAmericaInc and on TikTok @BandaiAmerica. Feel free to tag, share and @ us!

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Sean Velasquez

THEY MAKE 40K TOYS!!! I honestly cant believe it

Diovanny Santiago

That’s pretty cool that Bandai did this interview. Bandai is almost like a childhood company.

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