A Monthly Comic Book Subscription Mystery Box: Multiverse Comic Box

Hey comic book fans! We have some exciting news for you. Do you ever have a hard time picking out what comic book you want to read? Maybe you do not have a comic book store near you. Or maybe you are a collector looking for new comic books. Look no further Multiverse Comic Box has the answer to all of your problems! 

“A Monthly Comic Book Subscription Mystery Box for everyone! Something to Read & Something to Collect. We have a Mystery Comic Book Subscription Box for ALL KINDS OF COLLECTORS. Give the gift of an awesome monthly comic book subscription box to someone you love!”

They have many different boxes you can order. For example they have a comic book box where you receive 12 different comics for only $39.99. This is a great gift or a monthly subscription for those who love reading comics. You can expect to see comic books from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, IDW comic books and/or other publishers. The great part of this box is you will receive 6 surprise items. These items include  trading cards, comics, key chains, stickers, prints, posters, and much more! To learn more about this box check it out HERE!

Fans of comic books can check out all of their boxes HERE! We recommend subscribing and trying out these amazing boxes. Not only will you be in store for amazing comic books but you may find one you have never read before. Check out their store today. You will not regret it.

WEBSITE: https://multiversecomicbox.com/

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