10 Illogical Things in Pokemon Generation 1

Anyone who has ever played Pokemon has noticed that there are many illogical things in the Pokemon games. Here are 10 illogical things from the first generation (Blue, Red, Yellow).

1) Professor Oak and his Grandson

Right at the start of the game we meet Prof. Oak. We learn what Pokemon are and introduce ourselves. After we introduce ourselves, he asks us the ultimate question. He asks us what his grandson’s name is. Prof. Oak has forgotten his grandson’s name. I like the idea that you can give your rival a name. But it is his grandson and that makes it a little bit funny.

2) Our Home

After introducing ourselves to Prof. Oak, we start at our home. We have our own room, our own bed and everything seems normal. After exploring our room we go to the kitchen where our mother is. There are only two rooms in the whole house. Our room and the kitchen, that’s it. There are no other rooms in the whole house. There is no bathroom and no room from the mother. I ask myself where does the mother sleep? Does she sleep in the kitchen? It’s a good question because no matter what time it is, our mother is always in the kitchen.

3) Don’t go to the Grass Without Pokemon

It is not possible to go into the grass without Pokemon at the start of the game. We are warned not to go on the grass because there are too strong and dangerous Pokemon waiting for us. Okay, I can understand it, a level 2 Pidgey and Rattata can become bloodthirsty killer machines. But why it is possible to visit the Safari-Zone without Pokemon? It doesn’t seem too dangerous to throw Stones at an adult Tauros or Kangaskhan to make them really angry.

4) Charizard can’t learn the HM02 (fly) in Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow

Charizard is without a doubt one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. It is a big powerful dragon (no dragon type) that accompanies us on our long dangerous journey. However, there is one detail that I never understood. Why can’t Charizard learn the HM02(fly)? Look at him, he has two big wings! Why can’t he learn to fly? The funny thing is, that Pokemon like a little Pidgey or Zubat can learn to fly. Even a Dodou can fly. Dodou doesn’t even have wings but it can fly. How is that even possible? 

5) Prof. Oak Always Knows Where We Are and What We Do

Each of us has tried to ride with the bicycle in a building or tried to fish in places where we cannot fish. If we try, Prof. Oak immediately informs us that it is not the right time to use the item. How does Prof. Oak know what we are doing and where we are? There is a theory that Prof. Oak has installed cameras all over Kanto to observe and control us at all the time. Prof. Oak is watching you.

6) Our Pokedex

At the beginning of our journey through the Pokemon world, we get a Pokedex from Prof. Oak. The problem is that the Pokedex is empty. It doesn’t seem to contain any information about Pokemon. We only get information about the Pokemon when we meet them or catch them. Prof. Oak has researched all known Pokemon and has collected all data and information about them. Why is he giving us an empty Pokedex? It’s like a lexicon with hundreds of blank pages. It makes no sense.

7) What Happens to Defeated Wild Pokemon?

If we want to catch a pokemon, we usually have to weaken it in battle. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that we defeat the wild Pokemon. The fight ends and the wild Pokemon is gone. Where did it go? The wild Pokemon should lie defeated in the grass right in front of us. But there is no Pokemon. It has mysteriously disappeared. The same goes for wild Pokemon that we beat when we train our own Pokemon. It seems like the wild Pokemon has vanished into nothingness. It does not exist anymore. Okay, it would be quite disturbing if the entire route we were training on were full of defeated Pokemon lying all over the grass.

8) There are No Animals in the Pokemon World

Everyone who has played Pokemon has noticed that there are no animals in the Pokemon world. It is implied that there are animals, but never confirmed. The question is if there are no animals, what do the people eat in the Pokemon world? Do they eat Pokemon? How do they taste? We will never know. But if there are animals where are they?

9) Team Rocket’s Nightmare

At some point during our journey through the Pokemon world, we meet Team Rocket. It is our job and duty to prevent Team Rocket from taking control of Kanto. We as a ten-year-old child who has just started his career as a Pokemon trainer, have the destiny and the future of Kanto in our hands. If we fail, Kanto is lost. Team Rocket will rule with an iron fist over Kanto. We are the last hope of the people in Kanto. Seriously, where is the police? Where is the military? Where are the gym leaders? And where is the champ? Why are we the last hope? Have they all failed? In the end, we defeat Team Rocket and become the hero of Kanto. The only problem is that nobody can remember that we saved them. Nobody on the street thanks us for defeating Team Rocket. Thank You!

10) Our Age

At the beginning of our journey, we are 10 years old. There is nobody who wants to prevent us from going on this dangerous journey alone. The mother doesn’t seem to care that we’re going on a several month-long journey through the Pokemon world. We even get a Pokemon from Prof. Oak. This is the biggest illogical point in this game. Why should you allow a 10 years old child to go on such a trip? It makes no sense. Why isn’t he older like 15 or 16? Why 10?

These are just 10 illogical things in Pokemon generation 1. Some still exist even today in the newer games. But all of these things make Pokemon games what they are. Something special. Anyone who hasn’t played a Pokemon game should do it. Pokemon is worth a gaming experience. I am excited to see what we can expect in the Pokemon games in the future.

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