10 Happy Home Paradise Tips

by:Tussii Stauffer

Here’s ten tips for designing homes in Animal Crossing’s new DLC, Happy Home Paradise. These tips shouldn’t be the end-be-all for the creativity that you can make blossom in home design, but they are useful! They’re what I try to personally keep in mind while I play the DLC.

10. Remember that you have the option to sort alphabetically when you’re looking for a certain item.

While there is no search function (yet), you can at least sort by alphabet when you’re in the ‘everything’ tab and scroll until you’ve found what precise furniture item you’re looking for. This helps me stay organized, and on top of my catalogue of all the furniture items I have at my disposal.

9. Check the restaurant and the cafe often!

There are animals there that won’t be on the beach, and you’re likely to find a dreamie inside of your lovingly-crafted eateries. For example, I found Judy inside of my My Melody themed cafe, and I would have totally overlooked her if I hadn’t thought to check there after seeing my options on the beach. 

8. Make sure that you add polish to your items.

This seems simple enough, but I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve forgotten to polish something to give it the extra oomph that a house really needs. Plus, you can create some very fun scenarios, like this teddy bear picnic table that I made for Melba’s house. 

7. Use custom designs on the walls as stickers.

This can be done using the wall stickers and then placing say, a window or a balcony with the Glow in the Dark Stickers DIY that you get from wandering around the island. It’s a very handy tip, and there’s plenty of videos on how to position your windows just right on youtube and twitter.

6. Check the beach every day for a free recipe or DIY.

Wander from one side of the island to the other, and also talk to the chef you’ve employed in your restaurant for a free recipe! My chef is Apple, and she’s taught me so many new, cute recipes that I can then use inside of houses such as the cafe I made for Merengue.

5. Use partitions and pillars and counters, and plenty of them.

Partition walls, pillars, and counters all make for rooms that have depth to them. If you’re really stuck on how to divide a room or where to put your partitions, then there’s plenty of youtubers you can watch for inspiration — such as Tiger, froggycrossing, Lex play, and TagBack TV. They’re all very creative youtubers who are dedicated to their Animal Crossing builds, and even just catching one of their streams gives me enough ideas for my own island builds.

4. Use trees and shrubs to your advantage while you’re outside.

Sure, focusing on the interior is literally your villager’s job, but making the outside look just as colorful and fun or dark and mysterious is also just as much fun as doing the interior, in my opinion. Take a look at my Able Sister’s outdoor beach, for an example of what kind of creativity you can put outside as well as inside.

3. Use Amiibo cards, if you have them!

Once you do enough houses, you’ll unlock the Amiibo card feature, and then there’s another whole array of houses for you to create and decorate. It can be kind of run-of-the-mill to do just regular villager houses all the time, so making a house for Reese and Cyrus or Resetti or even Celeste and Blathers sometimes is a nice way to break the monotony. Amiibo figures also work, so feel free to get creative.

2. Go at your own pace.

Remember that it’s not really a race to get anything done, and you’re playing to have fun with the DLC, not complete it as fast as possible. Don’t get too overwhelmed about seeing everything new right away, and definitely don’t burn yourself out. Find the balance that works right for you.

1. Have fun!

This is the most important tip I can think of: Remember to have fun. I know it seems like a silly tip, all things considered, but it’s well worth the reminder. If you’re not having fun, then you could, arguably, miss the entire point of Animal Crossing’s laid back, fun gameplay.

And those are 10 tips that I have for enjoying the Happy Home Paradise DLC to its fullest! If you want to visit any of the houses that I made which are included in the screenshots, my creator code is RA-3041-0335-1881. 10 Happy Home Paradise Tips

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Tussii Stauffer is a contributing writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow her on Twitter @tastauffer & on Facebook at Tussii Stauffer.

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