5 Book Series to Revisit During Quarantine

Book Series All Ages of Geek

During quarantine, you may have a lot of time on your hands. It’s the perfect time to revisit some favorite literary series. With the ubiquity of library apps such as Hoopla, Overdrive, Libby, or RBdigital, and paid e-reading apps like Kindle or Nook, getting a new book while social distancing can happen in seconds. This […]

Author of Twilight Stephenie Meyer is a Genius

Stephenie Meyer All Ages of Geek

For years people mocked Twilight, Twilight fans, and the author behind the pop culture phenomena the Twilight Saga. And for years I’ve stood behind the series with many people asking “Why?”. Well, today I’m here to drop some important knowledge on you, about why I personally think Stephenie Meyer is a genius and has made […]

Wandlore: Hidden Worldbuilding

Wandlore All Ages of Geek

[image source] “The wand chooses the wizard.” For at least some Harry Potter fans, this particular line is spoken by Ollivander, the wandmaker, is one of the most mysterious in the series.  And it’s something we see to be categorically true time and time again. There are many rules to wand ownership especially on the […]