Five Awesome Geeky Tips for Becoming a Successful Gamer

by: Kyla Stewart (via: Video games are a hobby that billions of people partake in. Many people play sports games, shooter games, RPGs, puzzle games, and many others. Games are played for people to take a break, relax, and spend time with their friends. Some people simply play games for fun, while others do […]


If you are a part of the Valorant community, you know that every couple months or so, Valorant ends up releasing a new bundle of skins. The common saying goes in Valorant “Skins equals wins”. For those that may not understand what this saying is, let me explain. When you start off Valorant, you end […]


Growing up as an Asian-American it was always tough trying to find someone that I could look up to and relate to. In the media, I would see Asian figures but they were always made as a joke (William Hung). Especially with the pandemic coming around in 2020, there was a huge spike in hate […]

Adam 2D Platform Adventure 

Greetings fans of mobile games! Are you looking for a new game to add to your collection? Have no fear we have the perfect game for you! Today we are going to chat all about Adam – 2D Platform Adventure! This game can be found on Google Play and is rated E for everyone! Are […]

Game Feature: Battle Creatures

Today we are here to recommend an amazing mobile game for you! Let’s chat all about Battle Creatures and what this fun game is all about. Developed by KW Development LLC fans of multiplayer games will love to learn more HERE.  Those who love playing games with family and friends will absolutely adore Battle Creatures. […]

Game Feature: Galactic Attack

Today we are going to chat all about an amazing mobile game you need to check out! Fans of space will need to check out Galactic Attack. Be sure to download it for yourself before we talk about what it is all about! LEARN MORE HERE Developed by KW Development LLC, rated E for everyone, […]

Free Guy Review

Video games have come a long way as we go from classic platformers to open-world games, which is where the film Free Guy takes place. Video game adaptations can get a bad wrap in Hollywood, but a movie about a fictional one can be something that people can invest in, especially if they get all the references […]

Mobile Game Focus: First Impressions of Red’s Kingdom

LEARN MORE HERE Red’s Kingdom is a game that I recently heard about. So I decided to take a closer look at this squirrely puzzle (pun intended) game. One word only comes to mind when playing this game: Cute. The way they talk, the animations, it’s cute all-around. The look of this game reminds me […]

Best Overwatch Heroes for Ranked in Season 28

by: Jessica Hamphrey In this article, we will suggest the best Overwatch heroes to rank up in Season 28.  Overwatch is one of the most popular FPS games on the market and players love it because it constantly evolves and changes. With that, the META ( Most Effective Tactics Available)  changes and it is very important […]

My Top 5 Video Games That Helped Me During the Pandemic

Let’s get this out of the way, this list is biased. This is an opinion piece about what games got me through this pandemic. Of course, my friends helped too. Sure we couldn’t meet face to face, but talking to them did wonders for me. Fortunately, the vaccine is here and is available! 5. Monster […]