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RWBY: The Bond Between Blake and Ruby

At All Ages of Geek, we love to hear the communities views on characters in shows we cover. With the finish of RWBY Vol 8 one of our community members Angelique tells us what they think about Ruby and Blake’s friendship.

“I always thought Blake Belladonna admired Ruby Rose and thought highly of her. Ever since they first met in volume 1 episode 3 when Ruby said she wants to be like the heroes in books. I always sense Blake saw a girl with pure heart and intentions. This was further proved by Blake telling Sun in volume 4 how Ruby’s word description was Pure.

Now, in the last episode of volume 8, Blake finally tells Ruby how she always admired her and thought highly of her. Blake said to Ruby that at one time in her life she was like Ruby but things got in the way. We all know what those things are, Adam and the White Fang. She explained to Ruby that she always does something to make things right even if she doesn’t know if it will work or not. She keeps moving forward and tries to do what’s best for everyone or the given situation.

I think having this moment between Blake and Ruby is so important. it’s important for Ruby Rose to hear what her teammate Blake views of her. They have a bond and this conversation showed it. I absolutely loved this moment between them and it solidified my views of Blake having a high regard of Ruby. I truly hope these two have more moments together their friendship is unique and sweet and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.”

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A Review of RWBY Volume 8 [Spoilers]

With Volume 8 of RWBY wrapped up last week, I now share my thoughts with certainty about my feelings. As mentioned in the title of this article, there will be spoilers ranging from the beginning of this Volume, to the finale of this Volume.


RWBY Volume 8 was honestly one of my favorites, easily in my top three. Now, were there thing in the Volume that I did not care for? Of course. You cannot create the perfect show that everybody loves. The way I see this is it was like asking for chocolate ice cream, but getting vanilla. It’s not what I was expecting, however I still like vanilla ice cream and chocolate is a nice surprise. If there is one phrase I said to myself while watching this Volume it was ‘I did NOT see that coming!’. The characters were great for the most part, same goes with the fight scenes. The three things I say were the best part of the Volume was the new Grimm, the music, and the plot.

The Characters

The Characters in Volume 8 were great for the most part. Let’s get certain character out of the way first: General James Ironwood. Personally, I did not care for Volume 8 Ironwood. However I cared about Volume 7 Ironwood. The difference between them was that Volume 7 Ironwood looked like a morally grey character. Volume 8 Ironwood is a straight up villain that we really aren’t supposed to like. In Volume 7, Ironwood had a heart. In Volume 8, he threw that heart away when he killed that Councilman in cold blood. Personally, I love morally grey characters. Characters that even the characters in the show don’t know what to think of them. Here’s some good news though, that’s my only character gripe! The main cast is good, the Happy Huntresses I grew to enjoy, the villains were great. I even enjoyed the Ace-Ops. The spirit inside the Relic of Creation, Ambrosius, is one of my favorite new characters. I love how his personality seems to be more lacks then Jinn.

The Fight Scenes

The fight scenes in the Volume were so well choreographed. To be honest, my favorite fight is a tie between Hazel vs Salem and Cinder and Neo vs Team RWBY and Penny. Hazel vs Salem was a fight scene where I knew the inevitable result, but I still cared and got invested into. I knew Hazel wouldn’t make it out alive, but I still hoped that it would give the team in the whale enough time to escape. It wasn’t a fight to win, but a fight to stall Salem enough, and I loved that. While the Cinder and Neo vs Team RWBY and Penny was flashy and I loved every minute of it.

The New Grimm

Ok, I’m going to say it, The Hound scares me. The Hound was strong, smart, fast, and overall just superior in every way except looks. Then there’s the Centaur, which has to be the ugliest Grimm and it spits acid and has scythe talons. I love these Grimm and I do not want them anywhere near me, my house or anyone I know. Rooster Teeth has been on the ball with Grimm designs ever since the first Beowolf showed up.

The Music

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams ALWAYS have good songs for RWBY. There are songs that hype me up, songs that made cry, songs that STILL make me cry. Personally, I don’t think there is one song that they have written that I don’t like.

The Plot

This Volume was set over two days and those two days were stressful to watch. From Salem’s arrival to Ironwood getting ready to bomb Mantle. At no part was I NOT on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed every second of seeing the story unfold.

In Conclusion

Personally, if I was using a star system of rating, I’d give Volume 8: 4.5/5. For the most part, it was amazing, but there were a few things that I thought held it back.

RWBY Chapter 10 NEW Release Date!

Recently a huge winter storm hit the state of Texas leaving many families and businesses with no power. According to the New York time “More than 3.5 million of those outages were in Texas, where many people had been without power for hours or even days in freezing temperatures. “

Austin was one of several cities in Texas that saw record-setting cold temperatures on Monday.
Picture by: Tamir Kalifa for The New York Times

During this difficult time, the Rooster Teeth team decided to push back RWBY chapter 10’s release to February 27th. They want the team to focus on their safety first.

Many fans of RWBY are very supportive with the teams decision to push the episode back a week. The safety of the team is incredible important!

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We hope the Rooster Teeth team and the states being hit by the winter storm are safe. Tell us what you think will happen in RWBY chapter 10!

RWBY Volume 8 Midseason Trailer Breakdown

On January 23rd, Rooster Teeth released a trailer for the rest of Volume 8. It’s description says: “The clash between Salem and Ironwood’s forces has begun. With our heroes caught in the middle and impossible choices in every direction, will they figure out how to save the Kingdom of Atlas… or is the war for Remnant already lost?”

I don’t know about you, but this is giving me Volume 3 vibes. First half tame, second half, dark. Yes, the first half of this Volume was the tame half. It only gets darker from here on out.

A big thing about this trailer is the new scenes. One scene is Ironwood slamming his fist on his desk saying “I have always promised to defend this kingdom from those who would see it destroyed…no matter the cost.” As Winter leads the Ace-Ops, carrying the bomb into, Monstra the Whale Grimm. Then Ruby gets thrown by something. Next we see a shot of Penny opening her eye, which are now red. Then we see a new Grimm that is able to spit, presumably, acid. The next new scene involves Watts and Qrow in their cells looking at something, then it proceeds to explode. Next is the Hound in, what I’m assuming, is the Schnee family yard. Then it’s Salem grabbing Oscar’s head and she looks furious.

RWBY Volume 8 comes back on February 6th.

RWBY: A Theory on Emerald (Spoilers for Episode 7: War)

War was one huge cliffhanger, wasn’t it? This is your last spoiler warning, just in case. Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this theory revolving around RWBY’s illusionist, Emerald Sustrai.

To start with, we need to understand who Emerald is based on. She was a thief on the streets of we assume Vale. She’s based on Aladdin. As we all know, thanks to either Disney or the original story, Aladdin gets his hands on a magical lamp that has a genie, or jinn, in it that will give whoever rubs it three wishes.

Now, the Lamp and Aladdin in RWBY are quite different. For one, there are no wishes, just questions you can ask Jinn, which are still three. However, two have already been used and they replenish every 100 years. I believe that Emerald will get her hands on the Relic of Knowledge and will either use it, or get close to using it. If she does use it, we have Aladdin get the lamp from an evil sorcerer, in this case a sorceress (Salem).

RWBY V8 Ch7 “War” In-Depth Review

Is a spoiler warning needed? I hope it’s not. But if it is, this obviously contains spoilers for the episode that non-FIRST Members can’t see yet. If you aren’t FIRST and don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t read this.


That out of the way.

Oh my god this episode was absolutely fantastic. I personally was not a fan of last episode. Cinder’s backstory came far too little too late. I could probably write an article about how it would’ve been better utilised in V4. 

Onto the actual episode. This was done as running commentary while rewatching.

There are a lot of critiques here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love this episode. I’m a writer so I will nitpick things when actually watching with a critical eye. 

The opening. You know stuff’s about to go down when they start with the environmental shots. It’s such a common thing to use in any visual medium. It helps create the illusion things are peaceful before breaking into the absolute chaos that is about to erupt.

And yep, things go to complete heck. We pan to the Atlassian soldiers on the frontlines, waiting for the Grimm.

I do like the little detail of the soldier’s gun rattling. Anyone in their right mind would be absolutely terrified of this absolute insanity. Considering Salem parked her whale on the ground like it’s a big ole semi truck… 

And back to Ironwood completely losing it. 

I can understand what he’s doing here. Trying to protect the people is good. But causing further mass panic is just…not great. I know that you need to get citizens moved as quickly as possible. And you need every man possible on the front line. But even so…that was not the smart way to do it. The efficient one, yes, but not smart. Causing even further negative emotions will just make the Grimm attracted even more and make things far, far worse than they already were. There have to be some officers that can help keep evacuations orderly… 

My other point was just “okay so you’re sending them to where the centipedes are tunneling in. That’s another massacre waiting to happen.”

The next scene is just…so heartbreaking. 

The bbys have been arrested. The orders have been given and just, yes Yang, Go. Go my child. CALL THEM OUT.

Of course the Ace Ops don’t believe them about Oscar. I know it’s not typical of Grimm, but come on. The lady who creates the Grimm is literally in her SUV whale. Is it so hard to believe that she could create something that was never seen before? That whale probably doesn’t exist elsewhere. 

This scene is great and sets up the next section for that interaction so well.

The rotating shot around Winter’s head is just beautiful. I’m not an animation nerd, but it’s just so pretty. The sky, lighting, the shading around her head… It’s all so subtle and beautiful. 

And her eyes, oh the beauty in her eyes in this scene. 

The orders Ironwood gives are just nuts. “Drop a bomb in the whale. Don’t care about the people inside.” That’s understandable since they’re all on the crazy train. They’re the enemy. But Oscar. Ironwood doesn’t know that, but he wouldn’t care.

“Your team will deliver the bomb when it’s ready.” 

You can just see the resignation on Winter’s face. There are just so many things you can read into that expression especially once he finishes the orders. Especially with what’s coming up.

Even with all of those thoughts, she still agrees. She still agrees even though this is quite possibly the equivalent of a nuclear bomb for Remnant. Ironwood isn’t giving a single care for the safety of her or the Ace Ops. After the scene in Ch 1, you know he doesn’t. Any sacrifice is worth it if he can save Atlas. Nothing else matters. Not even if it means losing his absolute most elite personnel.

And just her hand shaking. My sweet child, I feel for you so much.

I know I should get into this part, but I just…I don’t care. I don’t care about the villains. I do find Salem fun to watch, but that’s it. I don’t care about Emerald, Mercury, or any of them. Cinder least of all. 

And Tyrian even less. I’m not a fan of the psychotic types.

It is an extremely well-done segment though. 

Salem literally doing Grimm bending like she’s a waterbender or something. Paired with the classical music, it’s just such a great dissonance.

Oscar trying to get Hazel’s trust by telling him about the lamp is an angle I expected. 

Emerald has never been loyal to Salem either. All she cares about is Cinder. That sort of by proxy loyalty isn’t what you want in an arrangement like this. It opens up this exact sort of opportunity for defection. The only thing that probably will keep her there will be Cinder. She’s clearly not going anywhere due to the power Salem offers her. The power to do whatever she wants in the world. 

Just the looks when you can see Hazel, Emerald, and Mercury want off the freaking crazy train. 

And we’re back to the complete heartbreak up in Atlas. This…is another well-done scene.

“She needs a doctor.” Let’s stick a pin in that for later.

The discussion of what to do next is just so good. The conflict and uncertainty just oozes in every line spoken. They’re doing their best, but you can tell they know it’s not good enough. They’re so small against something so large and seemingly insurmountable. 

The major turning point is Weiss being forced to choose between Atlas and Mantle. 

They want to stay there to help even though, originally, the plan was just to launch Amity and get back to mantle. Nora kinda threw a wrench into that. 

But you can understand Weiss’ feelings so well here. They’re in her home, where she was raised. Even if she doesn’t care for her brother and her mother’s a drunk…they’re still her family. Plus Winter’s fighting in Atlas too. Even if they stand on opposite sides, they’re still sisters. Weiss probably wants to protect all of them. Plus, more people will continue to die in Atlas which isn’t what they want by any means.

May has a serious point though. Team RWBY’s idealism won’t work here. They have to choose between helping Mantle or Atlas. Mantle only has the Happy Huntresses and Weiss, Blake, and Ruby. She has to make a choice. THe same sort of choice Ironwood himself made.

The parallels are so good here.

Also, of course, May being acknowledged as transgender in this scene is A+ too. It was originally just a Word of God thing. But, now, it’s fully out in the open. It’s good to see this sort of representation. 

And next… 

…I wonder just how long Whitley’s been listening. It seems to be implied from the beginning but May certainly would’ve seen him. 

Next segment is more villain stuff. I kinda summarised the two above, so I’ll just move onto the next bit.

This. This is the best part of the episode. I do not have enough praise for it. Ren calling the Ace Ops and Winter out on their BS was just so expertly done. 

Let me just first give props to Neath for this entire thing. His delivery was what nailed this scene. You can read what’s going on through Ren’s head so well. The strong writing plus delivery just makes this possibly one of the best scenes in RWBY up to this point. My favorite is still personally the one in Alone Together (V5 Ch8) when the girls are talking about Blake.

First point. Y’all are talking to the wrong team here. People are absolutely not replaceable. They agreed to keep fighting like Pyrrha’s by their side. You are saying the exact wrong thing to them

Second point. Oh my poor babies Marrow and Winter. You could just see it in Ch 1 those two didn’t want to be a part of it anymore. Ironwood shooting the councilman was the breaking point. But they’re probably also afraid. He shot a councilman who was just trying to talk. How much worse would they have it if they left? He definitely wouldn’t let them survive if at all possible.

Third point. Ren’s Semblance. I am of two minds about this. On one hand, it just feels awful convenient. We haven’t seen this ability before in him, then it’s just suddenly…there. But, on the other hand, it does contribute to making the scene so phenomenal. 

Fourth point. I love this explanation for them losing against Team RWBY. I know a lot of people were upset about how the Ace Ops lost. It was a phenomenal fight, but it didn’t exactly make sense how such an elite squad could lose against a bunch of newbies. But, with this, it explains the team dynamics that led to the downfall. Not being able to work together and actively fighting against each other will undermine even the most elite. For a team as close as RWBY, it’s much easier to win when the opponents aren’t in sync.

Fifth point. Let’s go into the Ace Ops’ colors a little bit. Information pulled from Incredible Art Department and Empower Yourself Through Color. Also this is just a very basic layout of things. You could write an entire breakdown on all of them. I just wanna try to keep it kinda brief. 

I also did read a breakdown like this from Marrow Loves You on twitter (it’s where I got th idea). We probably pulled from the same site(s). So it’ll likely pull the same information and be similar.

Harriet’s colors are red and orange with red being the most pronounced of them. On the positive side, red is associated with passion, love, desire, speed (hah), and strength. On the negative side, it’s associated with war, violence, and, of course, anger.

Orange’s positive traits are energy, warmth, enthusiasm, and balance. On the more negative side of things, it means things are superficial and insincere, overbearing, pessimism, and being overly proud. Interestingly, the orange doesn’t appear until Ren starts talking and she starts denying things. 

Marrow’s color is blue which, positively, means peace, tranquility, calm, and trustworthiness. Negatively, it’s associated with despair, depression, instability, and aloofness. 

Elm’s colors are the same as Harriet’s. 

Vine’s color is green. Positively, it means generosity, stability, renewal, and health. Negatively, it’s associated with jealousy, envy, misfortune, and cautious. 

I could do more of an analysis on this, but this article is already long. That’d probably double this already excessive wordcount… 

I really do wonder how Ironwood’s going to react once he learns Winter let fugitive traitors go…


Hard cut to Ruby trying to be idealistic (again) and May being the pragmatist. Though, one detail I just noticed in that scene was Blake’s ears folding down. 

You can only imagine what’s running through her head right now. People are dying because of decisions they’re making. She’s being pulled and tugged in directions she doesn’t like. They’re leaving a bunch of people to die because they’re the “wrong” crowd. 

May is being pragmatic and realistic, but I can imagine that at least some part of Blake things she’s lashing out at Atlas for how they treated her.

Just like she did in the White Fang.

But man, this scene makes me so happy. Whitley is finally showing some character development. Jacques wouldn’t have approved of this sort of thing most likely. So him doing it because it’s the right thing is just so good. And then Weiss showing her appreciation…

Oh my heart can’t take it

And then Penny of course.

Not entirely sure what to make of it.

All in all, I feel like this is one of the absolute strongest episodes in the volume so far. While I do have some criticisms of it toward the beginning, the later parts make up for them far far more than I can count. It entirely washed the bad taste of last episode out of my mouth. 

RWBY: An Ironwood Theory

For a while, it took me a bit to come up with a solid theory on Ironwood that didn’t sound like a crack theory, but I think I have come up with a solid one. Well, about as solid as my theory of Atlas crashing down on the people in the crater. I believe that not only will Salem win this volume, but Ironwood will die seeing it fall before him.

Bit of an odd and dark claim, but here is a thought. Think about that has been prominate in RWBY. Since Volume 1 there have been references the Chess. From the team forming, the Black Queen virus, and even now in the Volume 8 intro. In the Volume 8 intro, there is a nice transition of Salem to Ironwood starting with Salem landing on a chessboard, her pieces turning into Grimm, and them charging forward as Ironwood’s pieces fade. If this was any other show, I’d probably ignore it. However, with RWBY the devil is always in the details. One piece of Ironwood’s has a cross on the top. In chess only one piece has a cross, the King. In chess, if your King is taken, you lose.

Before I looked carefully, I assumed that Ironwood WAS the King piece. However, thanks to me looking carefully, he isn’t. The King gets destroyed before it is Ironwood standing by himself. Here’s my thought: Ironwood will witness the Fall of Atlas, and then die facing a foe when he has no allies around him. In Chess, you have to make sacrifices to protect your King. Some Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks, and maybe even the Queen, must be used for both offense and defense. With all his pieces gone, including the the King, Ironwood has nothing to defend and has already lost.

A Sister’s Review of Yang vs Ruby – RWBY Volume 8 Chapter 1

Sisters fight.

Siblings fight.

No matter how you take it, family fights. The closer you are to someone the more likely you are to have disagreements and fight. Comfort is both a blessing and a curse.

After reacting to the chapter, I’ll be talking about RWBY Volume 8, Chapter 1. The fight between Ruby and Yang represents many things. It represents how, well, sisters fight, but also that these two characters are on the path to their own character development.

While some people have stated they are upset or tired of Yang acting on her emotions here is my stance on that. Yang has suffered from PTSD, lost her arm, for a moment lost trust, lost her strength, and has been known to act on her emotions from the beginning of the series. Yang is a young adult, a time where everything is complicated. Hell, it’s complicated being a young adult but also in a time where there is a legit war going on. This is a huge moment for Yang and a time for her to explore her own independence and weaknesses.

The fight between her and Ruby shows us that both sides have flaws, and with those flaws, they are able to “act”. While Yang has to overcome acting on her emotions and rage overall, Ruby also has to form leadership for herself. Ruby has shown leadership before, but now is the time to prove what that leader role means to her. To show us all how she is growing up. To show us how these sisters will act on their own beliefs and morals.

Personally, I think people tend to forget that RWBY is a young adult story. These are teenagers growing up. Growing pains will happen. Things will be dark and complex. It’s a story of not just cool adventures and straightforward problem-solving. RWBY is complex BECAUSE the characters are growing up in a time of war.

While this is just my opinion, I believe the fight between Ruby and Yang was natural and NEEDED. I am the eldest sister of two younger sisters. As the firstborn many people can relate that being the first is sometimes not the best. You are the one who makes a lot of strange decisions. You’re the one who doesn’t have a foundation of what a “sibling” acts like. You also can’t base your decisions on a sibling only your parents/guardians before you. In this notion, Yang is showing this problem. While she is the eldest, she still doesn’t know how to control her emotions. Ruby on the other hand knew how to control her emotions much better than Yang because she can base her own flaws on Yang.

This fight will make the sisters grow with each other based on their own strengths, each finding out who they “truly are”. As cliche as it might sound to go on a journey of self-discovery in a Young Adult series, I think it’s much needed for these girls. These sisters. What are your guys’ thoughts on this?

RWBY: A Theory on Penny

With Volume 8 released into the world, a lot of potential theories have come out of the woodwork. In fact I have made two recently. One I believe is possible and the other just a wild theory. This one walks the fine line separating the two, and involves the new Winter Maiden Penny Polendina.

Now, whether this works according to the villains’ plans or even this IS part of the villains’ plans, is up for debate. However, my theory is that Penny will get hacked. To be honest, ever since Penny came back and we learned about Watts’ afflation with Pietro, Penny’s father, it has been an idea. However what pushed it over the edge, at least for me, was the Volume 8 Intro. Not only is it a good song and great animation, but I think there is a bit of foreshadowing in it.

During the section of the intro where it does the ‘Never Happy Again?’ we see a close up of Penny, which turns from a blue eye and orange hair, to a red eye and red hair. Colors in RWBY are very important. There is proof of this as far back as the Red, White, Black, and Yellow trailers. Now, there are a few characters that involve the color red, however, what makes red special is that there is also something involved with it, the Black Queen Virus.

The Black Queen Virus, developed by Watts himself, crippled the Atlesian Military at the Fall of Beacon and made their Atlesian Knights and Paladins attack civilians as well as students. When it was shown on a Scroll by Torchwick as he plugged it into an Atleasian Airship, we see what it looks like, a black queen chess piece in front of a red background. When the Knights were hacked, their normally blue face was turned red.

Much like my theory of Atlas falling on the citizens that the Happy Huntresses and Team Help Mantle (Yang, Jaune, Ren, Oscar) save, I hope I am wrong. I like Penny, but there is still the possibility of it happening. How big of a possibility? Well, I’m sure Volume 8 will show us.

RWBY Theory (Spoilers for Volume 8, Episode 1)

Volume 8 of RWBY has debuted and WOW what start! This episode, hopefully, sets the mood for the rest of the Volume. However, this one episode already has a theory in mind for me. So without further ado, here is my theory: Atlas (the Floating City) will fall, killing most of the people the Happy Huntresses and Team Save Mantle evacuated.

Bold claim, I know. But hear me out. We know Team RWBY and Team JNPR did some rearranging based on what they deem the most important: Warn Remnant of Salem, or save the citizens of Mantle. On Team Warn Remnant we have Ruby, Weiss, Nora, Blake, and Penny. On Team Save Mantle, we have Jaune, Ren, Yang, and Oscar. This theory has to do with Team Save Mantle.

Team Save Mantle is moving the citizens of Mantle to the crater under Atlas (the Flying City) to evacuate them and to keep them safe. This has well intentions, however, there is an issue. There is a city floating above them like the sword of Damocles. In case you don’t know, the sword of Damocles is a story from Cicero, a Roman philosopher. Long story short, the King’s jester, named Damocles, asked the king how he could be so stressed when he was so rich and was living such a luxurious life. Hearing this, the King decided to let Damocles live such a luxurious life. In the beginning, Damocles loved this. He had as much food and drinks as he wanted Then he decided to look up. Above him was a sword hanging by its hilt with a single horse hair supporting it. When Damocles noticed it, he tried to ignore it, but couldn’t. After a while, he excused himself saying he no longer wished to have such luxury.

I brought up this story because Atlas the city has only one thing separating it from crashing down on top of citizens that Team Save Mantle and the Happy Huntresses saved. Now, do I want them to lose? Of course not. We love it when the heroes win! However, this is simply a theory I thought of.