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RWBY Volume 6 Ch 10-12 Reaction | Tensions Rise in Volume 6, Sprinting for the Finish Line

RWBY V6 Ch 10: Stealing from the Elderly

As far as setup episodes go, this one is also actually a pretty solid episode on its own. It has a lot of good if small character moments. The comedy, in the beginning, is also a welcome breather before things start to get extremely serious.

One of my favorite comedy bits was at the beginning with Weiss’ frankly horrible acting. It’s nothing super deep, but it’s just a fun little scene. Her tone at the beginning isn’t too bad, but her body language and expressions just get so laughably obvious that it speaks to just how utterly incompetent Cordovin and her guards are. 

The little nod to Blake’s history with the White Fang is also a very good touch. It’s not something that’s come up before in the series too much (if at all really), so thinking to take advantage of it is fantastic. It’s something that should be taken into account way more often; it’d be a way of showing us what exactly she did during those years. She’s gotta have a number of accumulated skills even if a lot of them are rusty that could be a huge asset as they fight against Salem. Unfortunately, Volume 7 didn’t show us anything more on this front, so I doubt it’s something that’ll be touched on again.

Perhaps one of the best scenes in the episode is Qrow’s complete and utter freakout over the entire situation once he realises that things are going downhill and fast. It frankly reveals a lot about his character and just how much he blames on himself. Most of what he lists off is something that’s extremely far outside of his control and that his Semblance wouldn’t have any sort of bearing on. It’s…honestly pretty sad to see how much he hates himself. Of course, he is in a pretty dark place at the moment due to the entire Ozpin reveal, but even so, it’s just upsetting to see the man so down on himself. 

Of course, it’s followed up by Ruby giving a Power of Friendship Speech™ to Qrow which pulls him out of his thoughts. But there is one moment in particular that stands out in it.

This is such an excellent moment of show, don’t tell especially as far as RWBY goes. Without him saying anything, you can just see the gears in his head turning. He’s starting to realise that Ruby’s not just a helpless little girl anymore, but a young woman on the road to becoming a full-fledged Huntress, wise beyond her years. 

It’s likely that he’s also remembering Summer and how she sounded. Going back to V5 C11 “The More the Merrier,” we see Ruby give a similar talk to Raven and her expression is very similar to Qrow’s right before she says “You sound just like your mother.”

And, of course, the episode ends with Blake fighting Adam and it’s a pretty strong character moment for her. Even though she’s visibly frightened, she’s not backing down. 

“Let go of the past, Adam. Do it for yourself.”

Of course, he’s a complete creep about it.

It shows just how far she’s come since the likes of Volume 2 in Mountain Glenn when she said she was somebody that just ran away from her problems.

All in all, it’s a solid episode on its own and a very good way to set up the rest of the volume’s finale.

RWBY V6 Ch 11: Lady in the Shoe

The episode starts off with Weiss questioning Ruby on wanting to go to battle between Cordovin in her massive mech suit and Team RWBY along with, Oscar, Qrow, Team JNR and Maria in a battle to stop Cordovin from preventing the entire team from getting to Atlas. I think it’s safe to say that we all thought Cordovin was basically power hungry in bringing out the shell of Megatron to take out an entire squadron of huntsman and huntresses.

And knowing Ruby, she fights it anyways.

The first shot was fired by Cordovin by launching a missile to the airship, which was shot down by Ruby, and Cordovin retaliated by firing what seems like an ice cannon which Weiss came in to block the shot from the entire team.

Jaune decides the best option is to distract Cordovin as long as possible until Yang comes back from checking on Blake, who is now in a battle with Adam. This battle against Cordovin would go on for the majority of the episode with close calls and plot progression that would continue on in the next episode, as the battle for this episode would end with the airship getting caught in the crossfire of battle and was going down after a missile that was fired from the ship was tossed back to them and it seemed like the ship was going down.

After that scene, it cuts to Adam and Blake having a battle in the woods with Blake mostly going in retreat to the point where he says “can you do anything besides run?” A bit ironic given Adam runs away from the truth.

 What we thought was a possible scare in the fight where Adam swung his blade and probably cut off a limb was luckily just him cutting off Blake’s jacket and the fight would resume. This fight would reach its endpoint with Adam launching a barrage of hits, while calling Blake selfish and a coward in the process, but Blake spits back by calling Adam delusional, with him retaliating with a swing that broke Blake’s weapon. We then see Adam taking off his blindfold with him revealing a branding he got from the Schnee Dust Company firmly in his left eye, with it being permanently damaged from it. 

Firstly, that’s a brand deal taken way too literally, and secondly, I honestly did think Adam was blind this entire time until this point of the show.

 Adam goes on with one of his monologues of guilt tripping and spite towards Blake for her deciding to part ways with Adam until Blake got assistance from Yang who came in with her motorcycle and it hit Adam, and fell into the river. Adam and Yang goes into a battle of their own briefly in the last minutes of the episode, in a battle that felt like it had been building up since Adam cut Yang’s arm off in the third volume, with the episode ending with Blake and Yang together as one, ready to go into the final battle with Adam.

Both battles melded well into the next episode in what would be the episode that got everyone talking about the events within the episode.

RWBY V6 Ch 12: Seeing Red

As far as this episode goes, it’s a little hard to write too much in depth on it. It’s almost all action, wrapping up what Chapter 11 started. Fight choreography isn’t my strong suit, so it’s hard for me to comment on it. 

The first half is just the Cordovin vs Ruby, Qrow, JNR, Oscar, and Maria fight and winning it. 

However, there is a pretty good if brief moment to touch on here between Ruby and Qrow.

Qrow can tell what Ruby’s about to do as she walks toward the edge of the cliff and catches her hand to try to stop her. 

She asks him to trust her and the look he gives her is just utterly heartbreaking

You can tell just how much he doesn’t want to. He’s slipped back into protective uncle mode, trying to protect the little girl he loves so much. His little speech back in Chapter 10 didn’t help matters either. With as much as he blamed himself for, it’s not hard to imagine that he’s feeling like he’d be letting her walk to her death if she goes through with it. 

But, of course, it’s Ruby, so she goes anyway.

The main body of this episode comes in the latter half with Adam and Blake vs Yang.

There is a lot that can be analyzed in what Adam says and does in order to manipulate the fight. This is just a brief episode review, though, so I won’t go into great depth with it outside of one moment.

After a combined attack, Blake gets thrown off the cliff and her aura breaks, leaving Yang alone with Adam. He sees Yang’s desperation and goes for what he’ll know will likely stop her in her tracks.

So, of course, her hand starts to shake badly since he purposely hit one of her triggers. (In this context, trigger is being used in a clinical way, not online vernacular. It means a reaction to an external stimulus that causes a reaction. Within the context of PTSD, it causes an emotional and/or physical response to a reminder of something that specifically resembles the traumatic event(s).)

It really does show Adam’s colors as a manipulator.

And it’s Yang, so she does manage to push past it and fight him by herself.

I’d be remiss to not mention the moment she uses her Semblance and just the crowning moment of awesome that’s capped off by the arrangement of Armed and Ready in the background when she catches his sword.

And then there is the elephant in the room: Adam’s death.

I won’t get into the drama on either side. I have my opinions like anybody else, but this isn’t the place for that. It’s just something I felt needed to at least be acknowledged as that is one of the big things when it comes to this episode.

Going back to just the context of things in-universe, it’s the close of one story and the beginning of another for these two. With Adam gone, they no longer have to fear the threat he poses. They can both begin on their journeys of truly healing for the damage and terror he inflicted on them. His reign of fear has ended, so they can keep moving forward.

The episode then ends with a horde of Grimm flying in, led by the Leviathan. Argus begins scrambling its ships to go destroy it, leading into the volume finale. 

Overall, a pretty solid episode especially when strung together with Chapter 11. 

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 9 Analysis

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 9 was a real tear-jerker. The thing that stuck out most to me was Juane coping with Pyrrha’s death. I think it was pretty clear throughout the first 3 volumes that they loved each other and if it wasn’t clear then, it was certainly made clear that Juane loved her in this episode.

He spends most of the episode deeply saddened and thinking about her and even visits a statue of her made in memory of her, placed where she trained before coming to Beacon no less and he’s seemingly inconsolable for the time being. How many of us can relate to Juane’s struggle with coping with the loss of someone he loved? Most if not all of us have suffered a loss of love at one point or another and no matter how many we lose it never gets easy. Things like:

“She should be standing here!”

“Why was it her that had to die?”

I’m sure many more questions cross his mind. Just as we all do, he goes through the all too human process of doubting, questioning why, feeling despaired and all that loss entails. But when we lose those we love it doesn’t truly have to be the end of them. Sure, they aren’t physically with us anymore but their memory, what they stood for, what they believed in and the impact that had on all they met stay with us.

On top of all these things, since they’re gone any memory of their legacy and the changes they tried to make must come from those they knew, it must come from us. Physical loss doesn’t have to be the end of a bond, all the things mentioned above are what make a bond live on beyond death but we have to choose to face the pain and continue clinging to those memories. And who knows, perhaps there’s a life beyond this one we will meet them in again one day. Will you allow their legacy to be forgotten in time or cling to their memories and build onto that legacy?

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 8 Analysis

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 8 is a great mix of comedy and drama despite the fact that it starts off with Team RWBY and crew in prison. Qrow keeps his sarcastic and joking demeanor despite being locked up, the Grimm Reaper comically and casually says these people are her enemies despite the fact that she clearly cares at least somewhat for them. The guards are comically aloof. I felt this was nice change of pace from the constant tension of the last few episodes.

We also get a great bonding moment between Reaper and Ruby as Reaper teaches her how to increase her power and tells her the importance of her eyes. Finding good in bad situations was a major theme in this episode I felt. Despite the revelation of Ozpin and Salem being lovers, Salem possibly being justified in her want to bring destruction and being imprisoned they still find the time to learn, joke around and strengthen their bond.

This episode really reiterated that there’s almost always a silver lining, another joke to be made, another important lesson to be learned, another to teach and much more. If there isn’t a clear silver lining to be seen then we can draw one ourselves and if there isn’t any relief to be found, we can rely on the strength of our bonds to be our relief even if the person isn’t physically there.

The bad and stressful situations in our lives can make this silver lining all the more clear and give us perspective. Whether it be that things might not be as bad as we think, or that they are but we can overcome them, the bad parts of our lives shouldn’t be dismissed or hidden but instead learned from. Like how Reaper learned to thrive despite the loss of her eyes, like how Yang learned to live again despite her PTSD and Qrow learned how to be a better leader despite his struggles. You can grow but the question, will you let the pain help you grow?

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 7 Analysis

In RWBY Volume 6 Chapter episode 7 we come to the end of a rather legendary revelation, Maria who’s been helping team RWBY is the legendary and almost mythical Grimm Reaper. I’ll let you guess what her previous occupation probably was.

We start the episode by seeing the Grimm aren’t the only thing she’s good at battling, she also holds her own against quite a few enemies at once. However, this fight ends with her losing her eyes and we learn that the only reason people desire her is for the power of her eyes. This is something I can resonate with deeply and I’m sure many of you can as well.

Many of us have gone through the pain of only being wanted for what we can give at one point or another. For others it’s the opposite, we’re outcasted for what we lack. We can see that the Grimm Reaper hasn’t lived an easy life not only due to her eyes being the cause of a lot of struggle but also losing them and losing presumed fame and possibly fortune she had due to her feats. However, by the time of her appearance in the series we see that not only has she found a way to deal with the loss of her eyes but she starts to form a bond with Team RWBY.

The scars of her past and the pain of her losses start to mend due to this newfound bond, I find that the Grimm Reaper is a shining example of what can happen if we decide to continue on despite our pain and loss. Those things do not have to be the end for us or define us, pain can go away and the void that loss leaves behind can be filled. We can find friendship and bonds but like the Grimm Reaper it’s up to us to make the decision to not give up, no one can make that decision for us. Will we let our circumstances define us or will keep moving forward and find a new definition? Only we as individuals can answer this, what’s your answer?

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 6 Analysis

In RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 6 we see that team RWBY isn’t coping well with recent events, Qrow’s drinking has gotten worse and he’s gotten even more pessimistic than usual, calling everything stupid. Ruby is so tired she can hardly stand and on top of that there are Grimm hidden right under the well beneath them which they later end up having to confront despite how tired they are and their dire circumstances.

Such is life very often for us as well isn’t it? Problem after problem just seems to arise and we can’t catch a break even when we’re already down? The phrase “kicking someone while they’re down” is expressed very vividly in this episode. The unfortunate truth is that often, life doesn’t wait for us to recover from one tragic event before throwing another and another at us but there’s something the Grimm Reaper said that I believe is a great solution to dealing with this. It’s when Ruby is on the ground and she tells her to think about her loved ones instead of her fear of the Grimm in front of her which has the power to drain people’s will to go on.

There’s a profound truth expressed in this statement that thinking about our loved ones, our blessings and the good things in our life can help us continue on when life seems to have drained every ounce of willpower within us. The ultimate force in this world is love and nothing can overpower it if we allow ourselves to be overcome by it. However, in order to be overcome by love and be given strength by it, we have to choose it.

You see love is not just a feeling, it’s a daily choice we must make and choose to cling to so that the misfortunes of this life don’t overcome us in its place. Every day is a choice to let love in or keep it out and let ourselves be void of it and therefore void of the most vital thing to humanity. Some of us always have to fight to get by just as Team RWBY has to do but they have shown us that just as there’s no end to the circumstances life throws at us. There is also no limit to the power of love and if it’s true, no end to the influence of it. So will you choose to overpower the darkness of life with love as Ruby did or will you let life overpower you?

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 5 Analysis

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 5 is very somber and uncertain in tone and for very good reason. As we found out in the last few episodes, Salem is more of a tragic than we thought and Ozpin isn’t the man he made himself out to be. This harsh revelation takes a heavy toll on team RWBY as expected.

Yang’s PTSD starts to flare up and she hallucinates. Weiss seems somewhat distant and very silent and the team is just very “down” altogether. Also, I’m sure finding two dead bodies in the house you’re trying to hide from a snowstorm doesn’t do much for mentality or team morale either.

There are two themes that really stuck out to me in this episode, friends trying to comfort their loved ones in times of strife and trying to letting what you truly feel come to the surface instead of burying those feelings. First of all, Ruby tries to offer Weiss some relief by telling her that food always helps her, implying that Weiss should eat as well. Ruby isn’t wrong in the sense that they should try to maintain hope but I feel her approach was off which just goes to show how human this show is.

See, even “technically right” solutions can be wrong in specific situations. Instead of trying to convince Weiss to overcome her feelings with optimism and “feel-good feelings” right off the bat, she should have listened to how her friend felt and come up with a solution from there. Not every situation calls for advice or words, sometimes all we need to do is listen and understand. There are some wounds that words can’t heal and in those times we need to love through listening.

As for the second theme, there seems to be a lot of busyness to the point that it seems like they’re trying to stay busy to not confront their feelings as much as they’re trying to stay safe from the storm. But we see a glimpse of how this can affect the mind in Yang. When she tries to bury her pain her mind forces it to the surface in PTSD flashes. Confronting intense feelings is no easy thing but burying it will not only make that pain more painful but make every pain you’ve ever felt re-emerge with all the more intensity. Let this be a reminder to feel your pain, confront it and come to terms with it.

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 4 Analysis

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 4 starts quite tense. We conclude both the tale of Salem and Ozpin also known as Ozma apparently, and discover how Salem came to be so consumed by evil and that Ozpin was actually Salem’s lover in the past. Naturally, Team RWBY reacts pretty horrified to the revelation that the man they trusted with their lives and loved as their teacher was the lover of the one who’s directly caused so much suffering in the world.

Qrow even goes so far as to punch the man who revealed all this to them but it’s Qrow so nothing surprising there. Something that really stuck out to me is they immediately choose to keep going and try to find a solution, “moved or be damned to die in the cold” as Maria puts it. They also declare to choose the high road and not become like their enemies. Life is all about choosing the high or low road and sometimes we have to make that decision after losing our last iota of hope.

Can you imagine team RWBY’s pain? Having to come to terms with the fact that the man who taught them everything, the man they trusted their lives with is quite literally in love with the enemy? Can you imagine the pain of seemingly losing someone they loved so much? I’d wager that most of you probably can actually. Yet the world doesn’t keep spinning because of our grief and we still must choose whether to become like our enemies in our pain or choose a different path.

Will we become the person we hate most or will we choose a better path and continue staying true to who we are? I’ve come to learn that staying true to who you are in spite of terrible often has more than the one good consequence. Who knows, you might even end up understanding and redeeming your enemy.

So I leave you with this, will you chose Team RWBY’s path and stay true to your morals despite your pain and loss, or choose Salem’s and let it change and consume you? Will you let your anger fuel your desire to do good or bad? Think deeply about these questions and the consequences of your actions during these times.

What Tore Apart the RWBY Fandom | Adam vs Yang and Blake

Abusive relationships exist in real life and in fiction. When handled in fiction the writer(s) need to be very careful how they handle this real-life struggle in order not to jeopardize their characters or plot. It needs to be structured in a way that happens over several arcs, sometimes not even the main focus of the story. A perfect example of this is Blake and Adam’s relationship from RWBY.

This article is going to be discussing events that occurred in Volume 6 Chapter 11-12, some events (as told by the RWBY fanbase) that tore apart the fandom. And for the wrong reasons. This article will be unbiased as possible and focus more on the characters’ POV rather than my own. And while I was personally shocked that Rooster Teeth Animation decided to go the route they did with Adam Taurus’ fate, it was due to a strong reminder that reality and fiction don’t always have to be so far apart from each other.

RWBY is a very raw and emotional series. One that discusses topics that people avoid discussing around the dinner table but should be talking about. While there are some anime tropes here and there, RWBY avoids following the crowd and in a sense does its own brilliant form of storytelling. The series represents several powerful themes:








When RWBY is watched as a whole series, not episode by episode (but as a whole) these themes become much more vibrant and visual not through the plot, but through the characters. RWBY has an amazing plot, one that allows us to create our own characters, but its focus isn’t the plot, it’s the development of the characters and their flaws and struggles.

Blake, in particular, has a very interesting form of development. While quiet, shy and soft-spoken we see Blake break out of her shell volume by volume. Her development was never forced, it was shown.

Adam Taurus, Blake’s ex-partner, was first revealed to us in Blake’s RWBY trailer. It wasn’t until in later volumes where we saw the supposed heroic Adam on the train, was soon to be written as an obsessive, angst-filled and manipulative ex. The hints are all there. Especially if you focus more on Blake’s POV and how her reactions are whenever Adam was mentioned.

Reactions are very important to focus on, especially in a character’s mindset. She cowers, becomes quiet, sad and aloof whenever Adam came about in a conversation. Rooster Teeth did a fantastic job showing this side of Blake because it was constructed carefully and very much human. It was never forced. Here’s a perfect example of this being forced.

Character A: “I am abused by so and so.”
Character B: “Let’s help you!”
Character A: “You saved me. Thank you.”

That’s telling not showing. Dialogue is important to writing, but so is showing what your character is feeling. And since Volume 1 Blake has been showing us signs of her abuse.

In real life is someone tells you to “behave”, “look pretty”, “stay quiet” and even do their best to put you “in your place” where you have no say on how to live that life, and that person is someone who loved or trusted what would you do?

What if that was all you knew?

What if you thought that loved one was right?

What if you didn’t know any better because you looked up to them?

What would you do?

Any writing prompt or question can be answered with the word “why”.

Let’s try it.

Blake was scared and shy in the first few volumes.


Because we find out her past with the White Fang was horrible.


Because she didn’t believe in how Adam was going about things.


Because Adam had murderous intent.


Because he was obsessed with the cause and probably knew nothing else in life.


Possibly because he was able to manipulate Blake this way.


Because Adam needed to control Blake because he couldn’t control anything else around him.


Because the World of Remnant was in a dark place and the world was truly broken.

So write it like this:

Because the World of Remnant was broken and a dark place Adam needed control. So he controlled and manipulated Blake due to her insecure nature. He was obsessed with the White Fang’s cause because he knew nothing else in the world. He had murderous intent which Blake then realized and so she left the White Fang.

No matter the circumstance, Adam was wrong to treat Blake this way. Even if the world was wrong and “unjust” does that give him a reason to manipulate someone? No. Adam was a lost soul. We don’t know much about his past but you don’t let your past control you, nor do you let it allow you to treat other people with manipulation. What matters is how you react to your past.

Will you let it make you feel weak? No.

Will you let it help you grow? Yes.

Will you hurt others because others hurt you? No.

Will you help others going through your same struggles? Yes.

Adam was a coward. He didn’t want to change nor would he allow anyone to convince him otherwise. He had a bit of a God Complex where he was right and everyone else around him was useless. He allowed his past to define him and so belittled Blake because if you look deep within Adam’s character structure, you can tell that he hated himself.

The Schnee Dust Company branded him, used him and as far as we know probably tortured him. But Adam wasn’t redeemed. He didn’t follow the path to redemption like an anime antagonist would. Why? It’s not bad writing. It’s because, as stated earlier, RWBY reminds us of the human side of fiction. Do we all get redeemed in life? No. Do some of us follow the path to redemption? Yes, but not everyone. And that’s human.

The way Adam spoke about Blake could also be interpreted as how the Schnee Dust Company spoke about him. He was classically conditioned to hate himself and others. But he was still wrong no matter how you look at it.

Blake also started to hate herself and hide her nature as a Faunus because of being judged by others. A reminder of her nature brought up memories of Adam. We don’t know the extent of the abuse but when Adam told Blake to “behave” in Volume 6, you could tell what type of relationship it was.

Based on Blake’s reactions as well you can tell she was both physically and mentally abused. The abuse was revealed to us to be true in Volume 3 during the fight between Yang and Adam. Adam’s way of belittlement and violence revealed so much about the way he may have treated Blake throughout the course of their relationship.

The fandom was supposedly torn by the fight scene with Yang, Blake and Adam in Volume 6. Some say it was forced or forced the Bumblby ship on others. After rewatching the fight scene you can’t help but ask how? How was their relationship forced on the viewer? That whole scene was meant to represent Blake’s newfound courage and her ability to move forward in life. That scene represented willpower and Monty’s famous saying “Keep moving forward”.

After discussing this with many people they have said that many viewers thought Yang brutally murdered Adam out of spite, or that it was Rooster Teeth trying to force the Bumblby ship again. Despite the scene being brutal and extreme, if you look into it and watch it over several times, you will see that it was self-defense. Adam didn’t hesitate, he was going to kill Blake and Yang wouldn’t allow her to die by his hand. This was also a human scene because self-defense is something that tends to be overlooked in fiction. A scene like this could even help others in real life who were in abusive relationships or even others who were assaulted.

This scene also brought back Yang’s willpower to live. Adam’s manipulation and abuse even conflicted with her in earlier volumes. Volume 4’s major focus was on Yang’s depression and PTSD. It showed us her fear of Adam, so much fear that it infected her mind into having mental images of Adam killing her and nightmares of Volume 3’s events.

The Bumblby ship has also been hinted at for so many volumes, and their relationship, respect, and love for one another has grown over the years. A fight scene showcasing two characters who were impacted by Adam’s hatred and manipulation does not mean that it’s a scene with a focus on a forced ship. Bumblby is structured and a healthy written relationship. The fight between Adam, Blake and Yang was focused on them moving forward and fighting back against their fears.

Yang protected Blake and Blake protected Yang, but most importantly they learned to protect themselves and fight back against a force that was causing them to lose themselves and their willpower. They gained it back and kept moving forward.

What are your thoughts on the Adam vs Blake and Yang scene? All opinions are welcomed on All Ages of Geek so long as they are respectful.

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3 Review: Salem Character Essay

Antagonists in fiction are interesting characters, from their standpoint on life to their decisions as villains or “evil-doers”. Some of us relate more to these antagonists much more than we do with protagonists. A fine example of that would be how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader undergoing a tragic set of events that emotionally scarred his heroic spirit.

It’s relatable. It’s human.

We all go through pain, loss, resentment and battle demons in our mind, some that need to be imprisoned for many, many years. But sometimes those demons claw their way out of our minds and make life a lot harder for those around us.

Salem, the ruthless evil-doer and sorcerous of pain, misery, and demise from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY is someone who has torn apart the hearts of many because she herself had her heart torn out. We’ve seen how she turned Cinder (the villain responsible for killing off many favorite characters and friends) into a sad puppy dog who strayed into a desolate path to loneliness and desperation. Salem has even brutally murdered minor characters like Lionheart, and how she has mentally scarred characters like Emerald out of complete and utter fear.

Salem represents fear, anger, loss and a reminder to us all how dark the world is. But why? What made Salem this way?

In RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3 titled The Lost Fable, we discover a hidden story that Ozpin had been hiding from everyone to conceal the truth. Like it was such a terrible secret that it had characters jumping ship to attack poor Oscar, (cough, cough Qrow) but more on that later.

The fable begins Jinn revealing to Team RWBY that, “Hey, you know the cause of everyone’s problems? You know the evil being who destroyed everything you know and love. Well get this guys, she was human!” Way to drop the bomb on us Jinn. But Salem was completely human in a time and era when magic was spread throughout the world and free to everyone to express. But also get this one. Salem’s father, without much explanation, kept her locked away in a tower. This made Salem hungry for freedom to see the outside world for herself.

Well there you have it, point one. Isolation. When you are isolated from the world do you know that world? If you are kept in a bubble will that bubble pop one day and leave you confused as to where to go next? Will you cling to others if someone were to rescue you from that isolation? Salem didn’t know the world, and as we saw she was pretty much kept locked up in that tower for years. Isolation can lead to many things and scar people who are isolated even after they are given freedom.

Until low and behold freedom was in Salem’s grasp. Ozma appeared. You’d think this would be a happy ending. Hero saves damsel locked away in the tower. But no. Hell no. RWBY tends to remind us that this is not at all a fairytale and that damsels do not exist in the World of Remnant. The “They lived happily ever after” became the start of their story.

So just like a fairytale Salem and Ozma fall in love and you’d think they would grow old together and have a Disney-like moment where all the forest animals come out and sing songs. But wrong again. Oh, so, so wrong. Instead, get this one, Ozma gets sick, passes on and we see the tragedy play out on screen.

A grief-stricken Salem succumbs to the loss and out of desperation and an irrational mindset she has no idea what to do but to address this to the gods.

Now pause. Breathe. Take all of this in. Ask yourself this. What does loss do to a person? What has loss done to you? Has it changed you? Has it made you stray off your path or desperately cling to something?

To go back to my previous point Salem was isolated. Who freed her from that isolation? Ozma. Who died right before her eyes as she clung to him? Ozma. It wasn’t just the love the two shared which tore out Salem’s heart when Ozma passed on. It was the connection she had to him and freedom, he being her reminder to never be locked up or isolated ever again. And that reminder was suddenly gone.

On her own, irrational and lost, Salem makes her way to the God of Light to resurrect Ozma, desperately pleading for him to return to her. The God of Light was patient with her but failed to see the impact Ozma’s death left on Salem also failing to see that she was afraid of the world without him. The God of Light was patient but to prevent the upcoming events he could have been warmer and cared more for Salem’s irrational mindset instead of just saying “no”.

A good example of this is how the Jedi Council in Star Wars did not have more patience with Anakin or many times they had doubt in his actions instead of working together with him to understand his decisions. You can’t blame the Jedi Council for the events that took place between Episodes 2 and 3 of Star Wars, but could the impact have been less tragic if they had taken a different route? Possibly. Is Anakin also to blame for his actions? Yes, because he chose to act out on his anger and irrationality. But both sides could have had more patience with the other.

Now the same thing happened with Salem. As stated earlier the God of Light was patient to listen to her but had not given her more time to grieve over her loss. Which then, just like Anakin seeking acceptance and understanding, Salem goes to the dark side for advice.

The God of Darkness, out of spite to his brother, agrees to Salem’s request. Ozma is back! Hallelujah, praise the RWBY gods! He’s back. In tears and overwhelmed with joy but also a mix of fear, Salem embraces Ozma. You can’t help but think everything is going to be okay and that maybe they would get that happy ending. Oh no, wrong again. Before the two runoff on their path of Happily Ever After, the God of Light appears.

The God of Light seeks the balance, and it makes sense as to why he didn’t want Ozma to be brought back to life. It’s not the way of the world. Though instead of allowing Salem to say her goodbyes properly, or giving her a better explanation, he destroys Ozma again, and again, and again, and again, along with the God of Darkness resurrecting him over, and over, and over, having Salem relive the pain of losing her loved one on repeat. Ouch.

Just like any siblings after tearing each other apart or having an argument the God of Light and Darkness make up. Oh yeah, and then this happens. They are like, “Hey now, we’re bros. Let’s not fight man. It’s cool. Let’s punish this grief-stricken and now traumatized human instead.” Great guys, thank you. Like seriously, you’re all-powerful beings but instead, you want to punish someone who already lost everything she’s ever known and loved after traumatizing her? Bravo. Why don’t we just talk about this? Yes? No? Okay, let’s move on then.

After Ozma is then officially gone, Salem throws herself into her rage and anger. A mix of fear resided in her heart as she lashes out screaming and desperately bargaining for Ozma’s life. At this moment Salem is spiraling out of control, going through the 5 Stages of Grief at a faster rate than anyone due to the gods not giving her a chance to actually grief. Please, put yourself in her shoes. This is way before the Fall of Beacon or anything regarding Team RWBY. If this was prevented then there could be a chance the Fall of Beacon would have never happened.

Some may say at this point Salem is behaving like a child or a brat not getting her way, but if you look into it deeper and see how the writers of RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3 set up The Lost Fable to be there’s much more than just a temper tantrum.

Attacking and trying to destroy the gods, too far captive in her fit of rage, Salem is then transported back to the Domain of Light. Suffocating deep in the water there’s a moment you feel her rage subside and fear swells over her entire existence. It’s a moment things are calm in the Domain of Light but the feeling of that fear is easily absorbed on screen.

Emerging from the water, as if to represent rebirth, the gods break it down to Salem saying, “Hey, so now you’re immortal and can never, ever see Ozma again”. This goes back to my point about isolation. Isolated for so many years in the tower, now the tower has become Salem’s own existence and body, trapped within the immortality that she never wanted. Her whole life up until Ozma arrived Salem had been forced to be trapped and now she was trapped as herself.

The punishment was needed for her actions but her actions could have been prevented if given proper care. In order for the curse to be lifted Salem had to learn about life and death and their importance to the world’s balance.

Easy enough right?

No, it only gets worse for everyone from here on out.

The gods seriously had no idea who they were messing with at the time. Salem wasn’t just any ordinary human who needed to learn a lesson. She was a traumatized immortal now living in anger and a pit of hatred. And the immortality just made matters worse.

The Lost Fable then takes a turn to raise awareness about suicide. The moment was extremely powerful especially to those in real life who have ever attempted suicide, making Salem a very relatable character. Her desperation turned into hatred of herself and those around her, continuing the spiral that turned Salem to the dark side. Salem attempts to kill herself as many times as the gods had killed and resurrected Ozma, desperate and wishing the leave the world that no longer had any purpose to her anymore.

And thus turns to the turning point. When she was at her lowest, Salem realizes that if she was able to have both the God of Light and God of Darkness go against one another (immortals wage war even if just for a second) then how easy would it be to sway the hearts of men?

Despite her anger and irrational mind, Salem thrives off of her vengeful heart and seeks out higher mortal powers around the world. Monarch after monarch she gives speeches and inspires many on how she gained her immortality from the gods and how they are the wrong ones for “stealing” loved ones and life itself. As her devoted disciples and ravaged army gather together, almost like the scene in A Bug’s Life when the ants go against the grasshoppers, Salem addresses the attack. But nope. Bye army. Bye disciples. The gods won’t have it. And then the army along with the rest of the world is destroyed. And Salem is alone, now isolated with loneliness.

This loneliness is very important to notice on screen because it refers back to the tower of how lonely and afraid Salem was. Knowing there was no hope left Salem then grovels in her defeat and attempts suicide again, this time in the God of Darkness’ domain and the pools of Grimm. This scene represents another rebirth but a rebirth out of anger and rage. Referring back to Star Wars Episode 3 when Anakin had lost everything and everyone and became Darth Vader.

We saw on-screen how Salem became a villain, how she lost her heart, no how her heart was torn from her chest and stabbed with the swords of desperation, fear, isolation, grief and the longing for her loved one to return. Salem was not born a villain. She was made a villain. Crafted into one by her grieving and stubborn heart.

Now while I can talk all about the Relics and their importance, I want this review to focus on Salem and just Salem. The first half of The Lost Fable are some of the most important facts about her and her start of becoming the antagonist to the World of Remnant.

Following her rise as the new Salem, we see Ozma had made a deal with the God of Light and had been resurrected several times. The two do reunite and for a moment we think Ozma would sacrifice his duty to the God of Light to remain at peace with Salem. And for a long, while he does. The two even have a family together. But after many years we see how different Salem had become due to her hatred for the gods and her trauma.

She became power-hungry and continued to let her pride and stubbornness guide her. She never admitted she was wrong and failed to regard the lessons the gods had sought out for her. Salem then was no longer the victim but her heart was too hardened for her to realize her mistakes and the impact her words and actions had on others.

And the moment when Ozma had left her, and wanted to destroy everything Salem had longed for, she loses herself for one last time. A battle breaks out between the two, thus killing their daughters and killing every ounce of hope Salem had ever lived for.

The words of “We finally had freedom” represent that tower once more, where it continued to be built upon Salem’s heart, and now grown into a palace of hatred and death. All Salem wished for was to be free. But in the end, the man who gave her freedom trapped her within that neverending hatred. And thus the tale of Salem began.

Salem was just as at fault as everyone else had been. She gave in to her anger and cause thousands to suffer. Though looking deeper into The Lost Fable you realize that just like with Anakin’s fate if there had been more time and understanding things could have played out differently. Salem tore the hearts of many because she herself is living proof of a broken heart. A captive, angry, broken heart, isolated by hatred.

What are your thoughts on The Lost Fable? What did you take away from RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3? And most importantly what do you think about Salem? Your thoughts and opinions matter here so let us know!