Geek Talk: The Art of Crafting Villains in RWBY and Media

All Ages of Geek RWBY Salem

Hey there, fellow RWBY fans! As an avid viewer of the series, I’m sure you’ve noticed that RWBY has a knack for creating captivating, complex villains. Unlike the typical one-dimensional, tropey antagonists we often see in other shows, the villains in RWBY boast intricate backstories and unique personalities. In this article, we’re going to take […]

Bumbleby and why it works in RWBY

Yang and Blake. Since the start of RWBY there have always been moments of exchange between these two characters. Moments of simple gestures. Shared feelings. Being overwhelmed by the world around them. Excitement. Defeat. Happiness. If you look into Bumbleby as a whole you will know why it works and how it will continue to […]

RWBY Volume 9 and Beyond

A story always asks us “what’s ahead?”. And as far as RWBY goes, well fans are constantly on the hunt for clues for where the story will lead next. With mixed feelings and reviews on RWBY Volume 8 fans are waiting for what’s to come for our heroines. Rooster Teeth has launched many projects from […]

RWBY and Toxicity

If you’re a fan of something a lot of people want to tear you down for that. “Oh you enjoy that series? Then you’re a __” Let’s stop there. Fandoms have been at war with each other since the dawn of time. Millenials can all think back to Tumblr wars or spouts of toxicity on […]

RWBY Volume 8 Recap

At All Ages of Geek, we love to hear from our community. One of our community members Angelique is back to writing. Check out their other articles HERE “First of all sorry for writing this so many months after rwby volume 8 is finished. Life has gotten in the way. But I’m glad to once […]

A Review of RWBY Volume 8 [Spoilers]

With Volume 8 of RWBY wrapped up last week, I now share my thoughts with certainty about my feelings. As mentioned in the title of this article, there will be spoilers ranging from the beginning of this Volume, to the finale of this Volume. Overview RWBY Volume 8 was honestly one of my favorites, easily […]

RWBY Meets the Justice League

On January 15th, Rooster Teeth announced that they are doing a crossover with DC, where Team RWBY meets Remnant’s equivalent to the the Justice League. This will be a seven issues and the release date is only known as July 2021. Also they have revealed some designs for the Remnant’s Justice League. Wonder Woman: Superman: […]

RWBY Volume 8 Chapter 5 Review

RWBY Volume 6 on All Ages of Geek

It’s time to react to RWBY Volume 8 Chapter 5 Amity from Rooster Teeth Animation! This time we need to make sure Penny is SAFE! Leave your theories and thoughts down below. And if you want Early Access RWBY Reacts check out our Patreon. Watch Here: Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

Guest Write For AAOG & Some RWBY Theories!

All Ages of Geek is excited to discover what is next on RWBY. We want to hear your fan theories. A community member Angelique wrote out some questions they have about what will happen next. “Will Winter Schnee deflect from James Ironwood military? This is one of the many questions I have about the Schnees. […]