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Zero-One and Ryuki Coming to TokuSHOUTsu

Greetings, geeks of all ages! In a recent livestream, Shout! Factory has announced that they will be adding Kamen Rider seasons Zero-One and Ryuki to their streaming service. Both series are coming soon, though no exact date has been given. This is exciting news for Rider fans outside of Japan, who are unable to readily view the series. As more series get official English releases, I hope that Kamen Rider gains more traction. More views and good reception of these releases will encourage them to release more of the series library. Eventually, this could lead to potential simultaneous subtitled releases. If you’d like to check out the Kamen Rider series they already released, click here for the original from 1971 and click here for Kuuga from 2000. See how the previous eras began before the release of Zero-One and Ryuki.

Ryuki: Alive A Life

Promo for Ryuki
Promo Poster for Ryuki

I’ve given my opinions and a simple synopsis of Ryuki in a previous article. If you’d like to read my thoughts on it, click here. However, I’ll give the synopsis here to entice any potential viewers:

In a parallel world, an unseen war is being fought. A Rider War fought between thirteen Riders rages on. While the fighting goes on, rookie journalist Shinji Kido begins investigating a missing persons case. During his investigation, Shinji comes across a strange deck of cards. This leads him into the Mirror World, the battlefield for the Rider War. Now, left with no choice, Shinji becomes Kamen Rider Ryuki in order to fight to survive.

If you’re interested in the series, feel free to watch the first two episodes with English subtitles over on TOEI TOKUSATSU WORLD OFFICIAL on YouTube before the full series release.


Promo for Zero-One
Promo Poster for Zero-One

The world has entered a new era of Artificial Intelligence. Through the efforts of Hiden Intelligence, Japan’s foremost AI Company, a new type of android known as Humagear has become a staple of every day life. From general public jobs to work in private sectors, Humagear are everywhere. Following the death of Hiden Intelligence’s CEO, Korenosuke Hiden, a cyber-terrorist group known as MetsubouJinrai.net begin to hack Humagear and force them to attack innocent people. In the midst of this crisis, Korenosuke’s grandson, up-and-coming comedian Aruto Hiden, is named as Hiden Intelligence’s new CEO. Now, he must take on the mantle of Kamen Rider Zero-One in order to protect his grandfather’s legacy.

This announcement, alongside the new projects revealed at the start of Rider Week, have me excited as a fan of the series. It truly is a wonderful time to be a Rider fan outside of Japan. I can only hope that these official releases pull in more fans, as this series is much more than just a Japanese kids’ show. That’s all for now, ciao~

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The Beauty of Kamen Rider Build

It was not until last year that I discovered what Kamen Rider was. Going into it I did not know what to expect however I instantly fell in love with the brilliant writing. The first series I watched as a “beginner” to Kamen Rider was Kamen Rider Build. If you have not seen Kamen Rider Build I 100% recommend you watching it right now.

Plot According to Wiki: “10 years ago, the Pandora Box was discovered on the planet Mars and brought forth a catastrophe that would forever change the country of Japan. In the years following the Sky Wall Disaster, the rising of the Sky Wall divided the country into three warring territories: Touto (Eastern Capital), Hokuto (Northern Capital) and Seito (Western Capital), and created a series of unidentified monsters known as Smash that relentlessly attack the public. To combat this chaos, the Touto government requested the help of Sento Kiryu, a genius and prodigious physicist to help decipher the mysteries left behind by both the Pandora Box and the Smash. Alongside prison escapee Ryuga Banjo, who was wrongfully framed for a murder he did not commit, the duo embark on a journey as Kamen Riders to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Pandora Box, the Smash, and their own pasts. Their journey would not come easy as they face adversaries from Hokuto and Seito, whom they must ultimately confide in if they are to have any hope in stopping their mutual enemy, Evolto from destroying the planet that they hold dear.”

The beauty of Kamen Rider Build is the writing. It is hard to find a plot-driven series that also has well-paced timing, brilliant characters, and the ability to have you crying one minute and laughing the next.

The Timing

Kamen Rider Build runs for about 25 minutes each episode, however, it truly feels like you are watching more due to all the information you receive in each episode. Many shows that have a faced paced script fail because you never get a chance to learn about each character’s wants, personalities, and characteristics. However, Kamen Rider Build successfully has a fast-paced script AND allows you to learn about each character. The beauty of this series is it does not shy away from giving each character a chance to shine while keeping the plot quickly moving.

The Heartfelt Absurdism of Kamen Rider Build (2017-18) – Scriptophobic

The Characters

Like mentioned before Build truly knows how to write characters. The viewer gets to learn about each of them and they do not follow any typical character stereotypes. They are truly unique in their own way and without MAJOR spoilers there are drastic character development scenes that are very unforgettable. Each character has their own flaws, even the main cast, which MANY shows fail to include. Flaws are what gives the character a realistic touch to them and makes the cast more interesting to follow.

List of Kamen Rider Build characters - Wikipedia

The Emotions

Build does not hold back when it comes to emotional scenes. The way they portray their characters when they are down is incredibly realistic. Most shows tend to glorify what characters look like when they are in a depressive state making it VERY unrealistic to the real world. Build does not make their characters look perfect when they are in pain or crying. The way mental health is depicted in this series is very realistic which makes the series MUCH more powerful than it already is. There are many scenes where a character is crying with music in the background. You truly feel the emotions alone with just the acting and the writing in this series.

Kamen Rider Build the Movie Be the One Trailer (Movie Sunmmer RAW) - YouTube

The Comedy

There are many times where you will be crying in your seat, yelling, but then suddenly you will be hysterically laughing. Build has the ability to truly make you feel many emotions in just 25 minutes. The comedic timing to this series is perfect and you will never be bored watching any of the episodes.

Out-of-Context Toku — And now a collection of Banjou Dressed Like A...

All in all I 100% recommend anyone to watch Kamen Rider Build. You do not have to be a huge fan of action to enjoy this series. This series touches on important topics, has an incredible script and cast, and does not shy away from making character emotions real.

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Three New Kamen Rider Projects Revealed

Greetings, geeks of all ages! As previously reported, three new Kamen Rider projects were teased before the start of Rider Week. But now, these projects have been revealed! All three Kamen Rider projects are projected for release after 2021, with the earliest release set for Spring of 2022.

The Continuing Adventure of Kamen Rider W

Fuuto PI Poster
Fuuto’s Private Investigators, Philip and Shotaro

First, we have the anime adaptation of the Kamen Rider W (Double) manga sequel, FUUTO PI. Set to continue the story of W, FUUTO PI begins when a mysterious young lady appears as a new evil casts its shadow over the windy city of FUUTO. As strange new cases continue to pop up all over the city, Shotaro and Philip come together to solve them while protecting the city as its guardian, W. FUUTO PI is a buddy cop drama made to appeal to an older audience. Furthermore, Funimation will handle international distribution of the series.

In my previous article, I stated my hope that one of the projects would be an anime adaptation of one of the manga. Now, with the announcement of the FUUTO PI anime, I’ve gotten exactly that. I am over the moon, as W is one of my all time favorite Kamen Rider series.

Return of the Century King

Kamen Rider BLACK SUN Logo

Next, we have a reboot of the Showa era show, Black. BLACK SUN is currently slated for launch in Spring of 2022, with Kazuya Shiraishi directing the series. As a retelling of the original story, BLACK SUN promises to deliver a fresh take on the classic story. In the original, a mysterious being known as the Creation King rules over the criminal organization Gorgom. Kohtaro Minami and his stepbrother, Nobuhiko Akizuki are chosen as the Century Kings. These Century Kings are fated to fight to become the Creation King’s successor. Kohtaro is transformed into the Century King “Black Sun”. During the conversion process, he escapes from Gorgom’s clutches before he can be brainwashed. Vowing to fight against this criminal organization, Kohtaro takes up the role of Kamen Rider. Now, Kamen Rider Black must fight against the organization and the evil Shadow Moon.

As of right now, not much else is known about the series. However, as we get closer to release, more news regarding the series should drop. I will keep you posted as more updates come.

Revival of The First

Shin Kamen Rider Teaser Image
Shin Kamen Rider Teaser Image

Lastly, we have the announcement of the Shin Kamen Rider film, set for release in March of 2023. Not much is known about the film other than the director attached to the project, Hideaki Anno. Best known for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Anno has worked on other big Tokusatsu reboot films. The first is Shin Godzilla, released in 2016. Second is the upcoming Shin Ultraman film, slated for release sometime this year. Anno himself has said that he was a big fan of Kamen Rider growing up, so I’m sure he will do his best to deliver a movie that represents Kamen Rider as a whole.

Rider Week is off to a great start with the reveal of these three projects. I can’t wait to watch these new series as they come, and I hope that these new projects will bring in many new fans to the series as well. That’s it from me, ciao~

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Rider Week to Celebrate Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary

Greetings, geeks of all ages! April 2021 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise. To celebrate, Team Rider and Toei Tokusatsu World Official will have a Rider Week event from April 3 to April 10. It will be an exciting week for any and all fans of Kamen Rider the world over. The entire week will feature many events, such as livestreams and movie premieres with special guest appearances. More details will be announced soon, though other projects have been teased as part of Rider Week.

New Projects to be Announced on Rider Week

Not too long after the announcement for Rider Week, Toei unveiled a teaser for three new projects. A new website has timers for all three projects. The timers are counting down to Saturday, April 3, which is the start of Rider Week. There is a lot of potential for what these new projects could be. For those unaware, the Kamen Rider series has manga series as well. The original Kamen Rider manga written by the creator himself, Shotaro Ishinomori, is officially available through Comixology. There is also the Kamen Rider SPIRITS manga, which has not seen official release outside of Japan yet. Currently, there is a manga tie-in series Kamen Rider W: Fuuto Detectives. Personally, I think an anime adaptation of any of the manga would be a great idea. Should they adapt SPIRITS, it would be a great way to introduce international viewers to the Showa Riders.

However, one of my biggest hopes for these projects is an official international release of some kind. Be it more officially subtitled releases for past series or simultaneous subtitled releases for current series. Another possible project could be a new English adaptation of Kamen Rider in the west. The last American adaptation of Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, unfortunately did not do very well. While the show itself was of good quality, the marketing and the fact that the final few episodes did not air on television hurt its reception in the west. In any case, I’m looking forward to the official announcements of these projects on April 3rd.

In short, this coming Saturday, April 3rd, marks the start of Rider Week and a slew of events in celebration. Moreover, new projects are on the horizon with official announcements to start off the celebration. A truly exciting time to be a Rider fan. If you want to start collecting the merchandise, check out Team Kamen Rider over at Bluefin Brands. You can also purchase their merchandise through their partnered retailers listed on their site. Likewise, check out Toei Tokusatsu World Official over on YouTube to watch full episodes of different Tokusatsu series. They recently uploaded the Kamen Rider J and Kamen Rider ZO movies with official English subtitles. If this article is your introduction to the franchise, feel free to read my article on Tokusatsu and Kamen Rider here to learn more about it. That’s it from me, ciao~

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