Wednesday Review

Ever since its debut in the 1930s, The Addams Family has made a mark on pop culture over many decades. The creepy family has made their presence known in both television and film as the legacy of the franchise continues to go strong. Now it is about to make its return to the small screen with Netflix’s […]

The Dragon Prince Season Four Review

After a long wait, a new season of The Dragon Prince has finally arrived and so many things have changed since the end of the third season. Xadia has been full of wonder and adventure in these past three seasons, and this new installment promises to bring that same energy that fans of the series have loved. […]

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review

Netflix continues to build off some incredible anime series based on video games with its latest show Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Based on the 2020 video game Cyberpunk 2077, the anime series is created by Studio Trigger, known for its various shows like Kill La Kill and Gurrenn Lagann as it utilizes the same animation from them. Taking place nearly a year before Cyberpunk […]

The Gray Man Review

Anthony and Joe Russo continue to branch out of their Marvel success with their new action thriller film The Gray Man on Netflix. Based on the novel series by Mark Greaney, the movie boasts of an all-star cast led by Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as they go head to head on the screen. With their production house […]

Stranger Things Season Four Volume Two Review

With the fourth season, Stranger Things has delivered its darkest storyline ever so far with the first volume. For the second half of the season, these last two episodes are jam-packed with major developments as it sets up for what will possibly be the final season of the series. Even though it’s only two episodes, the four hours […]

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume One Review

It’s been a long wait for Stranger Things’ fourth season to arrive on Netflix and it’s finally here. The monster hit on the streaming platform has returned for a new season with a new mystery that is much darker and more mature than the previous seasons. As the first of two volumes releasing this year, Stranger Things delivers […]

The Adam Project Review

Nostalgia is at an all-time high in entertainment as we get remakes and sequels to some of our favorite films from yesteryear. Most of these movies that kick into that fan service work for the most part, but sometimes it doesn’t always land home with the audience. However, Netflix’s latest offering The Adam Project leans into what […]

Fistful of Vengeance Review

Netflix’s original series Wu Assassins has given the platform a very stylized action series with amazing fight choreography mixed in with some supernatural elements. After its successful first season, Netflix greenlit a follow-up film called Fistful of Vengeance, a new chapter from the series that follows our main characters on a brand new adventure that […]

Top Four Places To Watch Anime

For those of you who are new to anime, you may be wondering where can I watch it? We at All Ages of Geek have you covered. Here are the top 5 streaming services you should check out.  1.Hulu Hulu is a great streaming platform. Not only does it have a huge range of shows […]