The Game Awards 2022 Has God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring Lead With Huge Wins

The video game industry celebrated the best that it had to offer in 2022 at this year’s annual Game Awards. Held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, journalist and producer Geoff Keighley hosted the big night as tons of video games were up for many awards, including the prestigious Game of the Year. It […]

We Interviewed an Elden Ring Player!

All Ages of Geek Elden Ring

We interviewed @SaintMartyrn all about their thoughts about Elden Ring! 1) Is Elden Ring your first FromSoftware game? What is your experience with Souls-like games? Elden ring is my second fromsoft game, my first being Sekiro. What I think stands out with souls like games is that the game doesn’t make you feel like you’re […]

Elden Ring Artist Show Off!

Hey, Elden Ring gamers and Original Character creators! Every week we will be showcasing several Elden Ring OC Artists/Fanartists on All Ages of Geek. We are passionate about OC creations whether that’s from video games, Dungeons and Dragons, text roleplays or any form of world-building storytelling. Elden Ring has huge options for character creations for […]