DnD Creators & Characters!

We recently have been reviewing The Legend of Vox Machina and wanted to explore characters from DnD campaigns! Today we feature four amazing creators and their DnD Characters. @riolint_art @RealMisakiRei @Rema_rin @a_maizeing Catch our Reviews Here: — Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Need coverage? Please send an email to […]

D&D Podcasts YOU Need To Check Out!

by: @SchtickySchmidt Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop fantasy game that was first published in 1974. Since then, the game has evolved many times and seen a shift in its public reception. What was once seen as sort of this super uncool thing that only offensively stereotypical nerds played, it is now this very well-known […]

Comprehensive Guide to All D&D Classes

by: Lance Kleinman The picture above is from the “Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide,” and you can find that locatedhere:https://dnd.wizards.com/products/tabletop-games/rpg-products/sc-adventurers-guide Dungeons and Dragons is a game that prides itself on accessibility and creativity, often allowingthe players to create characters behind their wildest dreams! A key factor in making a characteris what is known as a class, […]

History & How to Begin, Dungeons and Dragons Edition

By: Lance Kleinman We all have our hobbies that we play in our free time, some people draw, some people cosplay, and some people like to play tabletop RPGs. The most popular of which is what we refer to as D&D 5e. Why is it the most popular, and how do I start playing? Well, […]

My Top Five Dungeons and Dragons YouTubers

Dungeons & Dragons is a game that can have some of the most hilarious, heroic, or heartbreaking stories. For example, here at Allagesofgeek we have Dice Sesh, which is our D&D podcast. Other people have created YouTube channels to share their love of D&D. In no particular order, here are some people who I like […]

The Dungeon Run: As Seen by a D&D Fan 

To preface an article on something with such a rich history as Dungeons & Dragons, I feel it’s best to start from the beginning, or more specifically, where it began for me. I was in college about the same time Geek and Sundry first started putting out their infamous Critical Role show and hadn’t the […]