NYCC 2023: Dragon Ball Special Panel Unveils New Anime Series Dragon Ball Daima

NYCC 2023 Dragon Ball Special Panel Unveils New Anime Series Dragon Ball Daima

Attendees of this year’s New York Comic Con were eager to see what’s in store at the Dragon Ball panel as some special announcements were teased. Little did fans know that among the agenda was the unveiling of a brand new anime series led by creator Akira Toriyama. The new series, titled Dragon Ball Daima, […]

Bocchi The Rock Review

Hello everyone MinaRose2023 here with another short summary of an anime I just watched. Bocchi The Rock. At first Bocchi says she suffers from anxiety and introverted. She later makes a friend while walking home from school. The friend takes her to her sister’s band venue.  Bocchi meets Ryo there and later makes friends with […]

Tomo-chan is a Girl Review

All Ages of Geek Tomo-Chan is a Girl

What happens when a guy and a girl have been best friends all their lives? Would you be able to look at them differently?  Synopsis Tomo is a tomboy who couldn’t have picked a more awkward high school crush because it’s on her childhood friend, Junichiro. He only sees her as one of the guys. […]

Breaking Barriers: The Power of LGBTQ+ Media in Bridging Understanding and Empathy

As a fangirl of geek media and LGBTQ+ advocate, I am constantly on the lookout for media that represents and celebrates our community. That’s why I was thrilled to hear about my friend’s experience with the anime “Given”. I mentioned this before and today I’ll be discussing how everyone can enjoy LGBTQ+ media no matter […]

What Pokemon Party would the Dragon Ball Z characters have?

Greetings, Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on a journey of epic proportions? I am here to talk to you about the beloved franchise that is Dragon Ball Z and its potential crossover with the equally beloved franchise of Pokemon. Check out our Naruto and Pokemon Party Crossover article too and share […]

What Pokemon Party would the Demon Slayer characters have?

Greetings fellow anime and Pokemon enthusiasts! Are you ready to delve into the exciting world of crossover possibilities? I am here to present to you the ultimate mashup of two beloved franchises: Demon Slayer and Pokemon. We’ve done this before with Naruto and Pokemon, but let’s spice it up a bit shall we? check out […]

Boomslank The Must Visit Anime Store

If you are interested in finding a new anime store to support look no further. Boomslank is truly an amazing company that showcases original art from P-shinobi. This company was created by three brothers who love anime, since All Ages of Geek is ran by two sistes we truly love what they have going on! […]