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Why Fans Still LOVE RWBY

Despite the RWBY fandom’s (or FNDM’s) differences, there is one thing all RWBY fans share in common. And that’s their love for a RWBY character. Whether you love Yang and her badassery, Ruby and her quirky love of weapons, even Roman Torchwick and how he was such a fan favorite that Rooster Teeth Animation decided to keep him alive for more than one Volume, there is always room for love in the RWBY Community.

The RWBY fandom is known to get into online brawls with each other over Ship Wars and drama, but on the warmer side of things, there is still love for the characters. All Ages of Geek is happy to shine some light on animation and anime projects alike, especially getting the audience involved to help spread that Fandom Positivity.

So here are some reasons why fans still love RWBY after so many years.

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Like@micasone_ss mentioned, they love Yang because they admire her strength and want to be just like her when it comes to being brave and to keep moving forward. RWBY’s creator Monty Oum’s famous lines were “Keep moving forward” which has shown fans around the world to never give up on their dreams, and when things get tough you need to have the will to keep trekking on!

Hey now, even the Grimm deserve some love. The Creatures of Grimm are a major part of the RWBY series. They are the creatures that inhabit the World of Remnant and come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. Don’t show any signs of negativity or you will be a Grimm’s breakfast. Oh yeah, and they don’t have souls which makes it worse for the characters. Though you need to admit that their designs are fantastic, enough to give you nightmares.

Since we are on the topic of Grimm, you have to mention the Master of Grimm herself. Salem. Salem is the main antagonist of the entire RWBY series who has caused even some of the fan-favorite villains to doubt their abilities. In Volume 6 Chapter 3 (The Lost Fable) of RWBY, Salem’s past is revealed to us and some fans have gotten a soft spot for her. Here’s our article all about RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3 discussing how Salem was crafted to become a villain and not born to be one.

No matter if RWBY characters are the protagonists, antagonists, anti-heroes/villains or neutral, there’s always the one who you will just click with. According to @kikiyushima they also love Raven because they love writing fanfics about her and roleplaying as her character.

As you can see there is a lot of love for Weiss. Also known as the Ice Queen or Best Girl, fans of RWBY love Weiss due to her amazing development from a spoiled, little rich girl stuck in her ways, to a caring and compassionate friend to her team. If you know anything about Weiss and the Schnee family you will see why Weiss turned out how she did in Volume 1. There aren’t enough of fireplaces to warm her father Jacques Schnee’s heart.

Many people can also relate to Weiss and her backstory feeling trapped, much like her character song and its parts Mirror Mirror represent. These songs tell the audience that Weiss wants to escape from herself, her insecurities and the life that was forced upon her by her father and lineage.

No matter if a fandom has toxic drama or not, one thing still stands. The love for the RWBY characters. Some are relatable, others grow on you much later on in the series. And we want to know who your favorite RWBY character is and why? Let us know! And be sure to share this post with other RWBY fans to spread that Fandom Positivity all around!

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2020 Updates on Weeb Watch-a-Thon and Reactions

We have heard you guys loud and clear and by 2020 we will find the best solution for reaction videos. To give a written explanation many companies need to be very careful nowadays on what videos they choose to react to/cover.

All Ages of Geek as a whole is not a reaction channel but reactions (Weeb Watch-a-Thon) are only part of our show lineup. There are many different copyright laws we need to follow compared to other reaction channels. And as a start-up company, we want to find the happy medium that works best for us but more importantly you guys.

You have given us your feedback on the new style and as we tested the waters we’ve realized you don’t prefer this style. In fact, you were very outspoken about it which is good considering we’re a company that reflects on our community first. We want to listen to you and to hear your thoughts so if you have any recommendations let us know.

Patrons get weekly, bulk and unedited/raw reactions, but for the website, we want to make the content more branded and edited for you guys. We’ve come up with two possible solutions so please let us know what you think.

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Also, it’s important to note that comments are heavily moderated due to spam. By 2020 we will also have dedicated Moderators to moderate the comment section as well so your comments will be accepted.

Happy Holidays and New Year, AAOG Mafia!

What Tore Apart the RWBY Fandom | Adam vs Yang and Blake

Abusive relationships exist in real life and in fiction. When handled in fiction the writer(s) need to be very careful how they handle this real-life struggle in order not to jeopardize their characters or plot. It needs to be structured in a way that happens over several arcs, sometimes not even the main focus of the story. A perfect example of this is Blake and Adam’s relationship from RWBY.

This article is going to be discussing events that occurred in Volume 6 Chapter 11-12, some events (as told by the RWBY fanbase) that tore apart the fandom. And for the wrong reasons. This article will be unbiased as possible and focus more on the characters’ POV rather than my own. And while I was personally shocked that Rooster Teeth Animation decided to go the route they did with Adam Taurus’ fate, it was due to a strong reminder that reality and fiction don’t always have to be so far apart from each other.

RWBY is a very raw and emotional series. One that discusses topics that people avoid discussing around the dinner table but should be talking about. While there are some anime tropes here and there, RWBY avoids following the crowd and in a sense does its own brilliant form of storytelling. The series represents several powerful themes:








When RWBY is watched as a whole series, not episode by episode (but as a whole) these themes become much more vibrant and visual not through the plot, but through the characters. RWBY has an amazing plot, one that allows us to create our own characters, but its focus isn’t the plot, it’s the development of the characters and their flaws and struggles.

Blake, in particular, has a very interesting form of development. While quiet, shy and soft-spoken we see Blake break out of her shell volume by volume. Her development was never forced, it was shown.

Adam Taurus, Blake’s ex-partner, was first revealed to us in Blake’s RWBY trailer. It wasn’t until in later volumes where we saw the supposed heroic Adam on the train, was soon to be written as an obsessive, angst-filled and manipulative ex. The hints are all there. Especially if you focus more on Blake’s POV and how her reactions are whenever Adam was mentioned.

Reactions are very important to focus on, especially in a character’s mindset. She cowers, becomes quiet, sad and aloof whenever Adam came about in a conversation. Rooster Teeth did a fantastic job showing this side of Blake because it was constructed carefully and very much human. It was never forced. Here’s a perfect example of this being forced.

Character A: “I am abused by so and so.”
Character B: “Let’s help you!”
Character A: “You saved me. Thank you.”

That’s telling not showing. Dialogue is important to writing, but so is showing what your character is feeling. And since Volume 1 Blake has been showing us signs of her abuse.

In real life is someone tells you to “behave”, “look pretty”, “stay quiet” and even do their best to put you “in your place” where you have no say on how to live that life, and that person is someone who loved or trusted what would you do?

What if that was all you knew?

What if you thought that loved one was right?

What if you didn’t know any better because you looked up to them?

What would you do?

Any writing prompt or question can be answered with the word “why”.

Let’s try it.

Blake was scared and shy in the first few volumes.


Because we find out her past with the White Fang was horrible.


Because she didn’t believe in how Adam was going about things.


Because Adam had murderous intent.


Because he was obsessed with the cause and probably knew nothing else in life.


Possibly because he was able to manipulate Blake this way.


Because Adam needed to control Blake because he couldn’t control anything else around him.


Because the World of Remnant was in a dark place and the world was truly broken.

So write it like this:

Because the World of Remnant was broken and a dark place Adam needed control. So he controlled and manipulated Blake due to her insecure nature. He was obsessed with the White Fang’s cause because he knew nothing else in the world. He had murderous intent which Blake then realized and so she left the White Fang.

No matter the circumstance, Adam was wrong to treat Blake this way. Even if the world was wrong and “unjust” does that give him a reason to manipulate someone? No. Adam was a lost soul. We don’t know much about his past but you don’t let your past control you, nor do you let it allow you to treat other people with manipulation. What matters is how you react to your past.

Will you let it make you feel weak? No.

Will you let it help you grow? Yes.

Will you hurt others because others hurt you? No.

Will you help others going through your same struggles? Yes.

Adam was a coward. He didn’t want to change nor would he allow anyone to convince him otherwise. He had a bit of a God Complex where he was right and everyone else around him was useless. He allowed his past to define him and so belittled Blake because if you look deep within Adam’s character structure, you can tell that he hated himself.

The Schnee Dust Company branded him, used him and as far as we know probably tortured him. But Adam wasn’t redeemed. He didn’t follow the path to redemption like an anime antagonist would. Why? It’s not bad writing. It’s because, as stated earlier, RWBY reminds us of the human side of fiction. Do we all get redeemed in life? No. Do some of us follow the path to redemption? Yes, but not everyone. And that’s human.

The way Adam spoke about Blake could also be interpreted as how the Schnee Dust Company spoke about him. He was classically conditioned to hate himself and others. But he was still wrong no matter how you look at it.

Blake also started to hate herself and hide her nature as a Faunus because of being judged by others. A reminder of her nature brought up memories of Adam. We don’t know the extent of the abuse but when Adam told Blake to “behave” in Volume 6, you could tell what type of relationship it was.

Based on Blake’s reactions as well you can tell she was both physically and mentally abused. The abuse was revealed to us to be true in Volume 3 during the fight between Yang and Adam. Adam’s way of belittlement and violence revealed so much about the way he may have treated Blake throughout the course of their relationship.

The fandom was supposedly torn by the fight scene with Yang, Blake and Adam in Volume 6. Some say it was forced or forced the Bumblby ship on others. After rewatching the fight scene you can’t help but ask how? How was their relationship forced on the viewer? That whole scene was meant to represent Blake’s newfound courage and her ability to move forward in life. That scene represented willpower and Monty’s famous saying “Keep moving forward”.

After discussing this with many people they have said that many viewers thought Yang brutally murdered Adam out of spite, or that it was Rooster Teeth trying to force the Bumblby ship again. Despite the scene being brutal and extreme, if you look into it and watch it over several times, you will see that it was self-defense. Adam didn’t hesitate, he was going to kill Blake and Yang wouldn’t allow her to die by his hand. This was also a human scene because self-defense is something that tends to be overlooked in fiction. A scene like this could even help others in real life who were in abusive relationships or even others who were assaulted.

This scene also brought back Yang’s willpower to live. Adam’s manipulation and abuse even conflicted with her in earlier volumes. Volume 4’s major focus was on Yang’s depression and PTSD. It showed us her fear of Adam, so much fear that it infected her mind into having mental images of Adam killing her and nightmares of Volume 3’s events.

The Bumblby ship has also been hinted at for so many volumes, and their relationship, respect, and love for one another has grown over the years. A fight scene showcasing two characters who were impacted by Adam’s hatred and manipulation does not mean that it’s a scene with a focus on a forced ship. Bumblby is structured and a healthy written relationship. The fight between Adam, Blake and Yang was focused on them moving forward and fighting back against their fears.

Yang protected Blake and Blake protected Yang, but most importantly they learned to protect themselves and fight back against a force that was causing them to lose themselves and their willpower. They gained it back and kept moving forward.

What are your thoughts on the Adam vs Blake and Yang scene? All opinions are welcomed on All Ages of Geek so long as they are respectful.

RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3 Review: Salem Character Essay

Antagonists in fiction are interesting characters, from their standpoint on life to their decisions as villains or “evil-doers”. Some of us relate more to these antagonists much more than we do with protagonists. A fine example of that would be how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader undergoing a tragic set of events that emotionally scarred his heroic spirit.

It’s relatable. It’s human.

We all go through pain, loss, resentment and battle demons in our mind, some that need to be imprisoned for many, many years. But sometimes those demons claw their way out of our minds and make life a lot harder for those around us.

Salem, the ruthless evil-doer and sorcerous of pain, misery, and demise from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY is someone who has torn apart the hearts of many because she herself had her heart torn out. We’ve seen how she turned Cinder (the villain responsible for killing off many favorite characters and friends) into a sad puppy dog who strayed into a desolate path to loneliness and desperation. Salem has even brutally murdered minor characters like Lionheart, and how she has mentally scarred characters like Emerald out of complete and utter fear.

Salem represents fear, anger, loss and a reminder to us all how dark the world is. But why? What made Salem this way?

In RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3 titled The Lost Fable, we discover a hidden story that Ozpin had been hiding from everyone to conceal the truth. Like it was such a terrible secret that it had characters jumping ship to attack poor Oscar, (cough, cough Qrow) but more on that later.

The fable begins Jinn revealing to Team RWBY that, “Hey, you know the cause of everyone’s problems? You know the evil being who destroyed everything you know and love. Well get this guys, she was human!” Way to drop the bomb on us Jinn. But Salem was completely human in a time and era when magic was spread throughout the world and free to everyone to express. But also get this one. Salem’s father, without much explanation, kept her locked away in a tower. This made Salem hungry for freedom to see the outside world for herself.

Well there you have it, point one. Isolation. When you are isolated from the world do you know that world? If you are kept in a bubble will that bubble pop one day and leave you confused as to where to go next? Will you cling to others if someone were to rescue you from that isolation? Salem didn’t know the world, and as we saw she was pretty much kept locked up in that tower for years. Isolation can lead to many things and scar people who are isolated even after they are given freedom.

Until low and behold freedom was in Salem’s grasp. Ozma appeared. You’d think this would be a happy ending. Hero saves damsel locked away in the tower. But no. Hell no. RWBY tends to remind us that this is not at all a fairytale and that damsels do not exist in the World of Remnant. The “They lived happily ever after” became the start of their story.

So just like a fairytale Salem and Ozma fall in love and you’d think they would grow old together and have a Disney-like moment where all the forest animals come out and sing songs. But wrong again. Oh, so, so wrong. Instead, get this one, Ozma gets sick, passes on and we see the tragedy play out on screen.

A grief-stricken Salem succumbs to the loss and out of desperation and an irrational mindset she has no idea what to do but to address this to the gods.

Now pause. Breathe. Take all of this in. Ask yourself this. What does loss do to a person? What has loss done to you? Has it changed you? Has it made you stray off your path or desperately cling to something?

To go back to my previous point Salem was isolated. Who freed her from that isolation? Ozma. Who died right before her eyes as she clung to him? Ozma. It wasn’t just the love the two shared which tore out Salem’s heart when Ozma passed on. It was the connection she had to him and freedom, he being her reminder to never be locked up or isolated ever again. And that reminder was suddenly gone.

On her own, irrational and lost, Salem makes her way to the God of Light to resurrect Ozma, desperately pleading for him to return to her. The God of Light was patient with her but failed to see the impact Ozma’s death left on Salem also failing to see that she was afraid of the world without him. The God of Light was patient but to prevent the upcoming events he could have been warmer and cared more for Salem’s irrational mindset instead of just saying “no”.

A good example of this is how the Jedi Council in Star Wars did not have more patience with Anakin or many times they had doubt in his actions instead of working together with him to understand his decisions. You can’t blame the Jedi Council for the events that took place between Episodes 2 and 3 of Star Wars, but could the impact have been less tragic if they had taken a different route? Possibly. Is Anakin also to blame for his actions? Yes, because he chose to act out on his anger and irrationality. But both sides could have had more patience with the other.

Now the same thing happened with Salem. As stated earlier the God of Light was patient to listen to her but had not given her more time to grieve over her loss. Which then, just like Anakin seeking acceptance and understanding, Salem goes to the dark side for advice.

The God of Darkness, out of spite to his brother, agrees to Salem’s request. Ozma is back! Hallelujah, praise the RWBY gods! He’s back. In tears and overwhelmed with joy but also a mix of fear, Salem embraces Ozma. You can’t help but think everything is going to be okay and that maybe they would get that happy ending. Oh no, wrong again. Before the two runoff on their path of Happily Ever After, the God of Light appears.

The God of Light seeks the balance, and it makes sense as to why he didn’t want Ozma to be brought back to life. It’s not the way of the world. Though instead of allowing Salem to say her goodbyes properly, or giving her a better explanation, he destroys Ozma again, and again, and again, and again, along with the God of Darkness resurrecting him over, and over, and over, having Salem relive the pain of losing her loved one on repeat. Ouch.

Just like any siblings after tearing each other apart or having an argument the God of Light and Darkness make up. Oh yeah, and then this happens. They are like, “Hey now, we’re bros. Let’s not fight man. It’s cool. Let’s punish this grief-stricken and now traumatized human instead.” Great guys, thank you. Like seriously, you’re all-powerful beings but instead, you want to punish someone who already lost everything she’s ever known and loved after traumatizing her? Bravo. Why don’t we just talk about this? Yes? No? Okay, let’s move on then.

After Ozma is then officially gone, Salem throws herself into her rage and anger. A mix of fear resided in her heart as she lashes out screaming and desperately bargaining for Ozma’s life. At this moment Salem is spiraling out of control, going through the 5 Stages of Grief at a faster rate than anyone due to the gods not giving her a chance to actually grief. Please, put yourself in her shoes. This is way before the Fall of Beacon or anything regarding Team RWBY. If this was prevented then there could be a chance the Fall of Beacon would have never happened.

Some may say at this point Salem is behaving like a child or a brat not getting her way, but if you look into it deeper and see how the writers of RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3 set up The Lost Fable to be there’s much more than just a temper tantrum.

Attacking and trying to destroy the gods, too far captive in her fit of rage, Salem is then transported back to the Domain of Light. Suffocating deep in the water there’s a moment you feel her rage subside and fear swells over her entire existence. It’s a moment things are calm in the Domain of Light but the feeling of that fear is easily absorbed on screen.

Emerging from the water, as if to represent rebirth, the gods break it down to Salem saying, “Hey, so now you’re immortal and can never, ever see Ozma again”. This goes back to my point about isolation. Isolated for so many years in the tower, now the tower has become Salem’s own existence and body, trapped within the immortality that she never wanted. Her whole life up until Ozma arrived Salem had been forced to be trapped and now she was trapped as herself.

The punishment was needed for her actions but her actions could have been prevented if given proper care. In order for the curse to be lifted Salem had to learn about life and death and their importance to the world’s balance.

Easy enough right?

No, it only gets worse for everyone from here on out.

The gods seriously had no idea who they were messing with at the time. Salem wasn’t just any ordinary human who needed to learn a lesson. She was a traumatized immortal now living in anger and a pit of hatred. And the immortality just made matters worse.

The Lost Fable then takes a turn to raise awareness about suicide. The moment was extremely powerful especially to those in real life who have ever attempted suicide, making Salem a very relatable character. Her desperation turned into hatred of herself and those around her, continuing the spiral that turned Salem to the dark side. Salem attempts to kill herself as many times as the gods had killed and resurrected Ozma, desperate and wishing the leave the world that no longer had any purpose to her anymore.

And thus turns to the turning point. When she was at her lowest, Salem realizes that if she was able to have both the God of Light and God of Darkness go against one another (immortals wage war even if just for a second) then how easy would it be to sway the hearts of men?

Despite her anger and irrational mind, Salem thrives off of her vengeful heart and seeks out higher mortal powers around the world. Monarch after monarch she gives speeches and inspires many on how she gained her immortality from the gods and how they are the wrong ones for “stealing” loved ones and life itself. As her devoted disciples and ravaged army gather together, almost like the scene in A Bug’s Life when the ants go against the grasshoppers, Salem addresses the attack. But nope. Bye army. Bye disciples. The gods won’t have it. And then the army along with the rest of the world is destroyed. And Salem is alone, now isolated with loneliness.

This loneliness is very important to notice on screen because it refers back to the tower of how lonely and afraid Salem was. Knowing there was no hope left Salem then grovels in her defeat and attempts suicide again, this time in the God of Darkness’ domain and the pools of Grimm. This scene represents another rebirth but a rebirth out of anger and rage. Referring back to Star Wars Episode 3 when Anakin had lost everything and everyone and became Darth Vader.

We saw on-screen how Salem became a villain, how she lost her heart, no how her heart was torn from her chest and stabbed with the swords of desperation, fear, isolation, grief and the longing for her loved one to return. Salem was not born a villain. She was made a villain. Crafted into one by her grieving and stubborn heart.

Now while I can talk all about the Relics and their importance, I want this review to focus on Salem and just Salem. The first half of The Lost Fable are some of the most important facts about her and her start of becoming the antagonist to the World of Remnant.

Following her rise as the new Salem, we see Ozma had made a deal with the God of Light and had been resurrected several times. The two do reunite and for a moment we think Ozma would sacrifice his duty to the God of Light to remain at peace with Salem. And for a long, while he does. The two even have a family together. But after many years we see how different Salem had become due to her hatred for the gods and her trauma.

She became power-hungry and continued to let her pride and stubbornness guide her. She never admitted she was wrong and failed to regard the lessons the gods had sought out for her. Salem then was no longer the victim but her heart was too hardened for her to realize her mistakes and the impact her words and actions had on others.

And the moment when Ozma had left her, and wanted to destroy everything Salem had longed for, she loses herself for one last time. A battle breaks out between the two, thus killing their daughters and killing every ounce of hope Salem had ever lived for.

The words of “We finally had freedom” represent that tower once more, where it continued to be built upon Salem’s heart, and now grown into a palace of hatred and death. All Salem wished for was to be free. But in the end, the man who gave her freedom trapped her within that neverending hatred. And thus the tale of Salem began.

Salem was just as at fault as everyone else had been. She gave in to her anger and cause thousands to suffer. Though looking deeper into The Lost Fable you realize that just like with Anakin’s fate if there had been more time and understanding things could have played out differently. Salem tore the hearts of many because she herself is living proof of a broken heart. A captive, angry, broken heart, isolated by hatred.

What are your thoughts on The Lost Fable? What did you take away from RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3? And most importantly what do you think about Salem? Your thoughts and opinions matter here so let us know!

The Timelessness of Spongebob

Kids’ shows have always been something we all grew up on no matter how young we were. From the old-timey classics like Mickey Mouse, Popeye and Tom and Jerry to the modern legends like Ed, Edd and Eddy, Chowder, Ren and Stimpy, Steven Universe and the high rise of anime, there has been one show that has been the kids show that has absolutely defined a generation, and that show is the Nickelodeon juggernaut, SpongeBob SquarePants.

It’s a no brainer that everyone and their grandmother has heard of SpongeBob SquarePants, as it’s a show that has had an even bigger generational impact on both Millennials and Gen Z (the zoomers) than the Monday Night Wars that went on between then WWF (now WWE) and WCW which has since closed its doors in April of 2001. SpongeBob has been a show that has been going on since its pilot on May 1st, 1999, which to this day, would make it one of the longest-running kids shows ever, the sole longest-running TV show on Nickelodeon, and the most quotable show ever

Don’t lie, I can hear you quoting something right now.

In its 20 years of consistent programming, it has released 12 seasons, two very successful movies, with a third on the way, a Broadway musical, several video games, far too many quotes to count, an absolute empire of kids TV, and a near-endless amount of memes that started with YouTube Poop videos in the late 2000’s. SpongeBob has been such an impactful show on so many levels, that it’s sorta unbelievable that I’ve been around for 19 years of the show’s existence, and I’ve seen every season that’s been released including every special in between.

But how did such a show become so legendary, that it not only has been going on for two whole decades, but how it’s such a quotable show?

The pilot episode for the show “Help Wanted” was released on May 1st, 1999, and it was released during the annual Kids Choice Awards, and the episodes “Reef Blower” (the silent episode) and “Tea at the Treedome” which is a quote machine with quotes like “when in doubt, pinky out” “I don’t need it” and Patrick’s coughing that someone on the internet made a trap beat on. The pilot episode received a total of 6.9 million views, and it launched the show into the stratosphere of pop culture, as the series premiered on July 17th, 1999, and what was next for the travels of the SpongeBob story, would happen after the end of the third season.

On November 19th, 2004, what was supposed to be the end of the entire show was released: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. This movie was released after the third season officially ended and this movie was supposed to be the definitive ending to the show, especially since the late Stephen Hillenburg and the whole staff stopped making episodes in 2002 to focus on working on the movie. However, since Hillenburg wanted the show to end there, and Nickelodeon saw how profitable the show is, Nickelodeon decided to keep the show going up to today, and Hillenburg stepped down from his position as the showrunner, a position which he wouldn’t return to after the second movie was released until his unfortunate passing in 2018.

The fourth season officially aired on May 6th, 2005, and since the release of the fourth season onwards, fans of the show haven’t really liked watching the show so much as before. Now, most of that is due to the fact that the dichotomy of SpongeBob and Squidward isn’t the same anymore, which I can wholeheartedly agree with since the first three seasons, the compare and contrast between them was always interesting to watch, while in the seasons beyond that, the characters for a lack of a better term got their attitudes amplified to 11. SpongeBob became more of a big baby in the later seasons, Patrick was far more stupid and irritating to deal with, with less wise moments compared to the first three, Squidward basically became us in the later seasons, although he has to basically babysit SpongeBob and Patrick in some episodes, Mr. Krabs is basically the boss we would all hate to deal with and in hindsight, acts like a boomer [insert ok boomer meme here], and the Krabs v Plankton rivalry did feel kinda dragged out after a few seasons after the first movie. Although the show pulled around $13 Billion in the 20 years of programming, the show did become a bit hard to watch for most. Not in my case as I actually enjoyed watching the show and the seasons after the first movie, although when heading into the second movie, they really were pushing the envelope.

But even though the seasons after the movie weren’t as good as the first three, and admittedly, maybe the show should’ve ended after the first movie, Nickelodeon deciding to continue on with SpongeBob was probably both the best and worst decision they’ve ever done.

The best part to come from it, besides the second movie, and the third one coming in four more months, is the cultural impact the show has had, especially on the internet. YouTube Poop videos was the main source of the impact SpongeBob has made in the late 2000s and early 2010s, and even though the major lawsuit against YouTube that was done by Viacom (the owners of Nickelodeon and several other TV channels), YouTube Poops of SpongeBob still kept going, and there’s still more being made to this day. Not only that, the amount of memes that have been produced by SpongeBob is pretty mind-numbing, as there have been endless amounts of memes to come from SpongeBob, even to the point where Squidward dabbed on a parade and hit the “Woah”. Safe to say that SpongeBob memes will never die out.

As for the bad? Well, continuing the show without Stephen the first time did hurt the show on a creative level as I mentioned above, but not only that, it’s been Nickelodeon’s flagship show for a very long time, with few shows standing side by side with it in the past 20 years, like most shows, even on other programs. Futurama has been programmed for 20 years, but only has 7 seasons and got cancelled twice, with the final episode releasing on September 4th, 2013. Ed, Edd n Eddy started in 1999 but ended with the 90 minute special in 2009. The Fairly OddParents started in 2001, but has since ended in 2017 and Butch Hartman left Nickelodeon in 2018, so that show has ultimately ended. Although SpongeBob is the biggest show, it’s in a position where it’s gonna be hard to dethrone the yellow sponge.

SpongeBob SquarePants has been a show that has undoubtedly defined today’s generation, and it seems like it’ll keep on producing more seasons and another movie as time goes on for the next generation to come, and I’m glad to have been alive to see the beginnings of the show all the way to now, and watching the two movies that were released on it, in the past 19 years I’ve been alive. And if you’re wondering if I’ll watch and review the third movie, you can bet a box of chocolates and a broken leg that I’ll be reviewing that movie when it comes out, regardless of how many screaming kids will be in the theater.

SpongeBob is a legendary show that will keep on going until the very end, and Stephen Hillenburg will forever be remembered for a great show he created.

Here’s to another decade of SpongeBob.

Why League of Legends is Important to Us

League of Legends teaches us to be strong.
League of Legends teaches us to be brave.
League of Legends teaches us teamwork.

Gaming over the years has changed, inspiring others to get out of their comfort zones or become a stronger version of themselves. The stories video games tell us through their characters’ struggles, pain, survival, and dreams give us the courage to move forward in our own lives.

League of Legends may seem just like a game for some but in reality, this game has saved so many lives. We have heard stories on how League helped people through a loss of a family member, overcoming a sickness, studying for the finals in school with friends or even something as simple as meeting those friends online. League of Legends isn’t just a game, it’s truly a game that unites people together, something that All Ages of Geek stands by wholeheartedly.

While League of Legends isn’t for everyone based on the complex skills you need to learn and the number of hours you need to put into the game, it is a game that’s for anyone looking to collaborate with friends, team up and really get into a game that will make you addicted to not just gameplay but the characters.

League of Legends is made up of hundreds of characters a player can choose from ranging from characters with tragic backstories, small characters who players consider the devil himself (cough, cough Teemo who literally has a devilish skin you can buy) and overall characters who you can relate to on a personal level. Even the cinematic videos and music videos have characters with their own stories and universes relating to the skins the characters are wearing.

Here at All Ages of Geek, we love League of Legends because it gives us all a time to interact with each other as a community. While playing the game is fun we also discuss the lore behind every League champion and experience totally different worlds.

You can expect a ton of League of Legends related content coming to All Ages of Geek very soon including:

League of Legends Champion Tales:

Discussing the lore behind each champion and where they all reside, including the lore behind different skins and universes.

League of Legends Spotlight Saturdays:

Highlighting a different League of Legends champions based on gameplay and skills every Saturday.

Lore Behind the Game with League of Legends:

A series that’s a mixture of reaction and commentary that dives into the lore behind the cinematics and music videos.

The Lyric Room with League of Legends:

Discussing the lyrics behind Riot Game’s League of Legends music and music videos.

The Geek Game Room:

We stream League of Legends EVERY Friday on Twitch.

If you’re a League of Legends player, fan or even a newbie to the series here at All Ages of Geek there will be something you’re bound to find to enjoy. Just look around! And remember, we’ll see you on the Rift!