The Geekery a Must Visit Geeky Store!

We had the pleasure of talking to the genius behind The Geekery!

1. Tell us about The Geekery!

My name is Doug Preston, in 2018 my brother (Justin) and I opened the geekery in Matawan, New Jersey. We started as a smaller shop on Main Street (133A) and moved in 2021 just around the corner from there (same building technically) to 19 Little Street. Our shark logo we display on our shop window is a nod to the history of Matawan. The events that inspired the book/film Jaws happened here in 1916.

2. What are some of your personal favorite comics sold at The Geekery?

I myself am a huge fan of DC’s New Gods, Mister Miracle in particular. I also love so many indie comic series like The Wicked + The Divine, What’s The Furthest Place From Here?, Something Is Killing The Children, and more current series Crashing, and Door To Door Night By Night. We also carry an array of novels and “booky books”, one of my recent favorites is Nimrod. by a local author Ryan Roberts. While my brother Justin is fully obsessed with everything mutant that Marvel is publishing since the House of X / Powers of X Jonathan Hickman era began.

3. What is The Geekery Radio Hour? What are some topics covered?

The Geekery Radio Hour is a “weekly” podcast that I host with my friend Kaelyn. We talk about a range of things from books we’re reading, tv we’re watching, etc. Then in our middle portion we interview a person we’ve met through the store. Be it a creator who has paid us a visit for a signing event, someone who takes part in our book club, or visits the store frequently. We’re just celebrating our 100th episode!

4. What can customers expect to find in The Geekery? 

We hope to have something for everyone. Comics are for everyone. We love to help new readers find a comic series or graphic novel that’s just right for them. We also have a monthly book club that is all about breaking out of your comfort zone. Each month we all read a graphic novel or trade paperback and discuss it in a group. We try to keep it fresh and exciting with a different genre each month. Some of our group’s past favorites include Sandman, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, & Akira. 

5. What are your goals for 2023?

We hope to expand to doing more events. This last year we opened our doors to some great creators by hosting signings. We also had a Mario Kart tournament that was so much fun. We want to keep up that momentum with new ideas and more events. 

6. Where can people support you and The Geekery? 

Our shop is located at 19 Little Street, in Matawan, NJ. And you can find us across most all social media at @ thegeekerynj

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