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An Interview with Cody Lee, Executive Producer of Fluffy Dog Studio, About Neopets: Tales of Dacardia!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Cody Lee – Executive Producer of Fluffy Dog Studio all about “Neopets: Tales of Dacardia”! Be sure to check out the game here and give it a download HERE to support this amazing cozy game!

1. What makes “Neopets: Tales of Dacardia” different from other mobile games, and how will big fans of Neopets love this game?

Tales of Dacardia has a much stronger focus on worldbuilding and narrative than most mobile games. Neopia is so full of interesting lore, characters, and fun oddities that we wanted to capture that spirit as well. The hope is that over time, as we release more of the main narrative, players will engage with the mystery we’ve set out to tell and anticipate the next “episode” in the story.

2. Can you share some exciting secrets or treasures that players might uncover while exploring Dacardia?

Without giving away too much, we can say that some familiar faces from Neopia might be showing up to help tell our stories. As you delve deeper into Dacardia, from lush jungles to crystal fields, you’ll be able to uncover the mysteries of the island and meet friends new and old.

3. How does the NeoPass integration enhance the gaming experience for players, and what benefits does it bring to the Neopets community?

NeoPass integration allows us to award Neopoints and other rewards to players of the website. We wanted to make it an exciting extension of what regular players might do as part of their daily routine, while offering unique collectables that can only be earned in Tales of Dacardia. Stay tuned as we release more opportunities for players to earn new (and existing) collectables on the main website!

4. What kind of creative features can players expect when personalizing their island in the game?

We launched with over 100 craftable recipes for players to work towards, with many more regular drops on the horizon! Players can place fun decorative items, customize colours of buildings, and use paintbrushes and wearables to dress up their pets!

5. What was the inspiration behind “Tales of Dacardia,” and what are the main goals you hope to achieve with this new game?

Animal Crossing was a big inspiration for the team, both in terms of its cozy tone and its laid back style of gameplay. We’re hoping to create a comforting slower paced game that players come back to over and over to build out their town at their own pace.

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