Tabletop Thoughts: Inspirisles Dev Interview

Hello everyone, I’m Monster Review Girl. Today I’d like to talk about a tabletop RPG I discovered a couple of weeks ago that really caught my attention. So after a few days of talking, I got an interview with the Dev, Rich. For the people who don’t know, who are you and what do you […]

Exciting News For Fans of Tabletop RPGs and The Dragon Prince!

Exciting news for fans of tabletop RPGs and The Dragon Prince! Wonderstorm announced a new tabletop RPG in the world of The Dragon Prince! This RPG “Tales of Xadia” will be in between Season 3 and the LONG anticipated Season 4 of The Dragon Prince! Here is the official trailer: “Explore the world of Xadia like never […]

All Ages of Star Wars #2: The Star Wars Game That Always Gets New Story Content

For those of you who don’t know, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that launched in late 2011 – less than a year before George sold the franchise to Disney. It was announced in 2008, three years after the release of Obsidian’s Knights of the Old Republic II: The […]

The Importance of Role-playing Games

Importance of Role-playing All Ages of Geek

Role-Playing Games are probably my favorite type of games to play, you aren’t confined to a specific story or at least not confined to getting to the end by a specific route. You write the story and the journey is uniquely yours. I’ve found that because they’re a lot less confined than linear games, they […]

The Dungeon Run: As Seen by a D&D Fan 

To preface an article on something with such a rich history as Dungeons & Dragons, I feel it’s best to start from the beginning, or more specifically, where it began for me. I was in college about the same time Geek and Sundry first started putting out their infamous Critical Role show and hadn’t the […]