My Favorite Comic With Dragons, Magic, War, and Romance…(Opinion)

Comic fantasy fans, let me introduce you to Subzero, a WEBTOON comic by Junepurrr. This comic already has a season two in progress after the success of season one. Subzero follows the story of Clove, a princess of a dragon clan near extinction, and her enemy, Prince Kyro, as they agree to marry to finally […]

My favorite comic with anxiety, romance and other gamer problems (Opinion)

WEBTOON’s Let’s Play speaks to me on another level. The main character Sam is like an incarnation of what goes on in my mind when she takes her insecurities. The author, Leeanne M. Krecic, known as Mongie, manifests all the characters’ emotions when the characters feel strongly about something like anxiety or depression. It personifies […]

Lore Olympus, The Number One Romance Comic on WEBTOON (Review)

Olympus, the fabled paradise of the gods is a bustling human like city with the crazy drama of a reality show in WEBTOON’s Lore Olympus. The comic takes the audience into the world of the Greek gods, exposing all of the drama and romance of their lives. Rachel Smythe, creator of Lore Olympus, takes the […]

Top Ten Favorite Romances in Fiction

Guest Post by Brian Matthews I think romance is a very underrated form of storytelling. At its core, a well-written romance hinges on highly developed character interaction, one of the most fundamental aspects of storytelling. Most people(or at least more than I would like) pass it off as a pretty cheap uninteresting art that people […]