How to Participate in Pride Month Reading Event (PRME)

All Ages of Geek Pride Month Reading Event PRME

Pride Month Reading Event highlights books with LGBTQIA+ characters all year round, with a focus on June Pride Month. Readers and allies in the LGBTQIA+ community are always looking for their next read and creating an event and place where they can find independently published and traditionally published books will streamline this. Events just add to […]

Kingdom Hearts Singer Utada Hikaru Comes Out as Non-Binary

Well all-in-all, it hasn’t been too shabby of a Pride month this year, considering we’ve been lingering in uncertain post-pandemic life limbo, where places are caught between the transitional phase of “tentatively fully open” but still unable to fully encourage huge crowds. It’s been a peaceful Pride, but nonetheless, a prideful one, as I’m sure […]

Pride Art You Should Check Out!

In honor of pride month, All Ages of Geek decided to check out the hashtag #Prideart on twitter and feature some amazing artists! This piece was done by @StarStruckArtsy on Twitter! You can visit her website HERE for more amazing art work! ABOUT @StarStruckArtsy Hey! I am Bianca! A digital artist and an illustrator. Art has […]

PRIDE MONTH: Coming Out with the Coming of Age (3 LGBTQ+ Manga You Have to Read)

Ah, lovely June, the glorious month of PRIDE: One part political activism, one part celebration, the whole month is dedicated to supporting LGBTQ rights and uplifting LGBTQ+ culture, as allies and individuals of the community around the globe all gather and celebrate the diversity of human sexuality, gender identity, and love. June was designated as […]

Special Event Announcement : Roaring Rainbow Online Concert

With it being Pride Month, people around the world are preparing special events for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. However, with the recent happenings, not every event will have in-person participation. Despite this, members of the community are still able to find ways to celebrate everything that has been endured up to this moment. One […]