Remember the Original 151 Pokemon?

Hey, ’90s kids and Pokémon trainers remember the original Pokemon? Get ready for a blast from the past as we dive into the epic list of the original 151 Pokémon. It’s a journey of nostalgia, from the adorable to the bizarre. Let’s roll! Blast from the past! Let’s talk about the 151 Original Pokemon. 1. […]

5 Pink Pokémon So Adorable, You’ll Want to Catch Them All Over Again!

All Ages of Geek Pink Pokemon

By: Connie Reynolds Here’s a list of the five most enchanting pink Pokémon that’ll surely make you go, “I choose YOU, for maximum adorableness! Jigglypuff – Known for its big, round eyes and ability to put others to sleep by singing a lullaby. Clefairy – With its small stature and star-shaped tip on its tail, Clefairy […]

What Pokemon Party would the Dragon Ball Z characters have?

Greetings, Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on a journey of epic proportions? I am here to talk to you about the beloved franchise that is Dragon Ball Z and its potential crossover with the equally beloved franchise of Pokemon. Check out our Naruto and Pokemon Party Crossover article too and share […]

What Pokemon Party would the Demon Slayer characters have?

Greetings fellow anime and Pokemon enthusiasts! Are you ready to delve into the exciting world of crossover possibilities? I am here to present to you the ultimate mashup of two beloved franchises: Demon Slayer and Pokemon. We’ve done this before with Naruto and Pokemon, but let’s spice it up a bit shall we? check out […]

What Pokemon Party would Naruto Character have?

Pokemon and Naruto are two series many people have grown up with and have adored since they were kids. Talking to a few Naruto and Pokemon fans you can hear them say similar feats such as being completely captivated by the themes of friendship and determination used in both series. Whether it was Ash Ketchum’s […]

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Unveiled As Next Entries in Franchise

A whole new region of the Pokemon world is set to be explored for the next generation. It has been announced that upcoming entries Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released later in 2022 based on a new trailer that was shown at the Pokemon Presents. Before the end of the Pokemon Presents presentation, it […]

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Gameplay!

With all the news about Pokémon Legends: Arceus an exciting gameplay was launched on The Official Pokémon YouTube channe! This gives fans a sneak peek on what they should expect when the game launches on January 28th, 2022. WATCH THE GAMEPLAY HERE: Interested in learning more about the game? LEARN MORE HERE! ABOUT THE GAME […]

Weird Official Pokémon Merch You Can Buy

Before I get into this article, what constitutes as “weird” in my opinion? After all, Pokémon could be considered weird by some. Personally, for this article, I am basing weird as something I do not think about when I think about Pokémon. This list will go from what I think is the least weird to […]

Cosplay Feature: BOHO

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Cosplay Feature. This post will feature the cosplayer BOHO 1. Where are you from and what is the cosplay/geek culture like in your area?I’m from the southern part of Spain in a city called Seville where the geek culture is remarkable.Lots of people grew up with anime series on the […]