Happy 25th Crashiversary

Sept. 9 in 1996, the world was introduced to the marsupial of madness, Crash Bandicoot as a PlayStation exclusive. For the 90’s generation and video game lovers, Crash Bandicoot became a classic game as well as a beloved PlayStation mascot. The story started with a bandicoot named Crash that was captured by the evil scientist, […]

The PlayStation App Gets A New Makeover As the PS5 Gets Closer To Launch

The PlayStation 5 is getting closer to its release, but before that happens, players will be able to connect with other players and games thanks to the PlayStation App. The program has just received an update as the company looks toward the future to improve upon the gaming experience for both PS4 and PS4 users. […]

NOW I’M MOTIVATED!- Vergil announced for Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition.

[Spoilers for the game. Honestly, why haven’t you played it yet? We all saw this coming. If you have ever been a fan of a certain franchise that revolves around killing demons, cheesy one-liners, and loads of pizza there’s only one thing on your mind: “More. I need more power!” Devil May Cry 5 released […]

The Potential Impact of Digital Consoles

It was mere weeks ago that Sony treated the gaming world to their first extensive look at the PlayStation 5, although in a virtual presentation rather than the more in-depth experience originally planned for E3. Sony held a Livestream event that showed off the console’s design and specifications, as well as new features for the […]

BATMAN: ARKHAM LEGACY – Just give it to me already…

BATMAN All Ages of Geek

So a new Batman Arkham game was announced on Thursday during the Playstation 5 reveal livestream… What? I can dream, can’t I? Alright, it wasn’t announced, but a new Spider-Man game was announced, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to be the next chapter to Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4. Though it may actually feel like a glorified […]

The PS5 (PlayStation 5) Reveal Livestream

PS5 All Ages of geek

(Author’s note: Some of the trailer videos, for some of the games, shown in this article may contain scenes not suitable for children and/or might make some uncomfortable. Viewer’s/Reader’s discretion is advised.) Greetings fellow gamers (and especially to non-gamers) and welcome to something a little different. I don’t usually write articles that discuss gaming events, […]

10 Best Video Game Console Startup Screens

Video Game All Ages of Geek

The startup screen has become something of a lost art in modern video game consoles. With so much time and effort going into the hardware and performance of the systems, adding in a cool startup intro doesn’t seem to be a necessity anymore. However, veteran gamers surely miss the days of iconic startup screens, as […]

Console Wars: The Ending is Due

Well, it’s about damn time that this article series comes to some kind of conclusion because it feels like I milked it, but at least I gave y’all the in-depth look on a cultural movement that has existed for nearly 50 years, but now it’s the opinion part of this entire massive article series. Console […]

Console Wars: The Bit Wars III: The End of an Era

Console Wars 3 All Ages of Geek

So as we enter the console generation that probably the rest of us reading this article was born in, the Sixth Generation of consoles is something that no one likes talking about if they’re a fan of Sega, and not only that it was the closest thing to an Iron Curtain than Nintendo’s unyielding death […]

Top 10 Grand Theft Auto Main Characters

Grand Theft Auto All Ages of Geek

On October 22, 1997, the first part of the Grand Theft Auto series was released. But it should take until GTA 3 before we get with Claude, the first playable main Character of the GTA series. Here is my personal Top 10 List of my favorite Grand Theft Auto main characters. 10. Toni Cipriani (GTA […]