Get Ready to Level Up: Nintendo Live 2023 Takes Seattle by Storm!

All Ages of Geek Nintendo Live 2023

Seattle is set to become the epicenter of gaming excitement this September as Nintendo announces its highly-anticipated #NintendoLive 2023 event. Fans of all ages can look forward to an unforgettable weekend filled with immersive gaming experiences, live stage performances, tournaments, and endless photo opportunities. The event promises to be a dream come true for Nintendo […]

Nintendo Direct News!

Guess what gamers! Nintendo announced its Nintendo Direct, going live on September 23rd. Nintendo Direct will last around 40 minutes focusing on winter releases for the Switch. Nintendo Direct starts at 3pm PT. Any guesses on what games we will hear about? Want to watch this event? Check it out HERE Have a tip for […]

Latest on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Calling all trainers! The time has arrived for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch for $59.99. The games were first released in 2006 as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on the Nintendo DS. Many fans have awaited the remake since the Pokemon Sword and Shield were released […]

Happy 25th Crashiversary

Sept. 9 in 1996, the world was introduced to the marsupial of madness, Crash Bandicoot as a PlayStation exclusive. For the 90’s generation and video game lovers, Crash Bandicoot became a classic game as well as a beloved PlayStation mascot. The story started with a bandicoot named Crash that was captured by the evil scientist, […]

Life is Strange Series Will Debut on Nintendo Switch!

Announced on Tuesday, September 15th, in their E3 Direct, Nintendo is set to release Life is Strange: True Colors as well as Life is Strange: Remastered Collection to Nintendo Switch. Life is Strange: True Colors, the newest installment of the Life is Strange game series, will drop on September 10th for the Switch and other […]

A NEW Switch Lite Color Coming Your Way!

Exciting news! Nintendo announced a new color coming to the Switch Lite! This new color is blue which is very similar to the Game Boy Color. The Nintendo Switch Lite already has many options to choose from including yellow, coral, gray, turquoise, and now our new color blue! The new blue Switch Lite is available […]

Shigeru Miyamoto Offers A Sneak Peek Into Super Nintendo World

Nintendo opened the curtain for the company’s very first theme park in Japan, a brand new attraction from Universal Studios looking to open its doors next year. Game director and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto offered fans a glimpse into the theme park, being called Super Nintendo World, during a special Nintendo Direct on Friday. Everything […]

Goodbye Nintendo’s 3DS – The loss of a powerful handheld.

The mighty handheld, the 3DS from Nintendo has fallen from grace as the curtains close on this trend setting device. The video game company is moving in new directions turning away from the popular handheld to focus efforts on the Nintendo Switch.  Over the course of several years the 3DS has gone under numerous upgrades […]

Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase: September 2020

The Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase for September 2020 started off with a bang with revealing the trailers for Monster Hunter: Rise (set to release March 26th, 2021) and Monster Hunter Stories 2 (set to release the summer of 2021). After this news, they announced that there would be a Monster Hunter Direct. After that, […]

Top Five Gamecube Games to Play

Console Wars 3 All Ages of Geek

Since the Gamecube is definitely one of my favorite consules to use here are my top five favorite games to play! Animal Crossing This game (just like all the Animal Crossing games) is a perfect game to play when you have A LOT of free time. Not only will you be meeting new villagers but […]