Kingdom Hearts Singer Utada Hikaru Comes Out as Non-Binary

Well all-in-all, it hasn’t been too shabby of a Pride month this year, considering we’ve been lingering in uncertain post-pandemic life limbo, where places are caught between the transitional phase of “tentatively fully open” but still unable to fully encourage huge crowds. It’s been a peaceful Pride, but nonetheless, a prideful one, as I’m sure […]

Popular Anime Shows That Had A Big Influence On Steven Universe

The show Steven Universe has made several references to different kinds of pop culture, from video games to anime. For most of the series, it seems like Steven Universe draws some inspiration from a variety of anime series in their characters and in some scenes. Fans of the show can find some of these anime references pretty easily, but […]

Best Anime to Stream Right Now

Best Anime All Ages of Geek

We are in a golden age of entertainment where everything to watch is available to stream online through various platforms, including anime. There are hundreds of titles to choose from for audiences and are constantly increasing with old and new shows being added to your streaming library. There are so many to pick, but we […]