What Pokemon Party would Naruto Character have?

Pokemon and Naruto are two series many people have grown up with and have adored since they were kids. Talking to a few Naruto and Pokemon fans you can hear them say similar feats such as being completely captivated by the themes of friendship and determination used in both series. Whether it was Ash Ketchum’s […]

Biggest Naruto Group on Facebook – 1.5 Million Members and Growing Fast!

Looking for Naruto Merch? Check out Naruto.shop With many Naruto Groups around the internet, one truly shines and stands out from the bunch. With over 1.5 Million members and a growing community, we took the time to interview the group’s founder on why he started one of the biggest Naruto groups on Facebook. Also be […]

Naruto Week on All Ages of Geek

Naruto All Ages of Geek

Next week is Naruto Week on All Ages of Geek! All week long Mon-Sun get Weeb Watch-a-Thon episodes of Naruto (episodes 5-11) which include: Every month on All Ages of Geek you will get access to edited Weeb Watch-a-Thon episodes that were provided as Early Access episodes on Patreon weeks/months prior to the release. Celebrate […]