My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Review

Looking for MHA merch? Check this out! With the fifth season of My Hero Academia wrapped, viewers await what comes next when the show returns. Until then, fans of the anime series will be getting a new story unfolding in the newest film My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. Just like the anime, the third film in the […]

NYCC 2021: My Hero Academia Panel Showcases World Heroes’ Mission

The students of UA Academy are in for another big adventure with My Hero Academia’s upcoming film, World Heroes’ Mission. Fans got a sneak peek at the upcoming film at this year’s New York Comic-Con with some of the newest cast members for the film featuring the likes of Cristina Vee, Ryan Colt Levy, Sarah Roach, and […]

We interviewed TheNeedyNerd

Naruto All Ages of Geek

We interviewed TheNeedyNerd from Etsy, all about their work! What inspired you to start your Etsy shop? 1. I got tired of looking for pretty anime things for my baby, so I decided to make them. So I literally bought an iPad through verizon and the apple pen, and found a place to get my […]

FunimationCon: Justin Briner And The Legacy of My Hero Academia

Funimation held it’s first virtual convention this summer, welcoming fans from all over the world to spend time with some of the company’s most well-known voice actors, like Justin Briner. Widely popular for his portrayal as Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, Briner participated in FunimationCon for a couple of panels to talk about his work in the […]

Best Anime to Stream Right Now

Best Anime All Ages of Geek

We are in a golden age of entertainment where everything to watch is available to stream online through various platforms, including anime. There are hundreds of titles to choose from for audiences and are constantly increasing with old and new shows being added to your streaming library. There are so many to pick, but we […]

My Hero Academia Review “Fighting Fate” Season 4 Episode 4

My Hero Academia All Ages of Geek

This episode begins with Deku and Mirio walking through the city as part of the work-study. The two heroes were told to behave normally when they encounter Overhaul. From a small dark side street runs a little girl named Eri, towards Deku and clutches him tightly. But suddenly Overhaul stands in front of them. Deku […]

2020 Updates on Weeb Watch-a-Thon and Reactions

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We have heard you guys loud and clear and by 2020 we will find the best solution for reaction videos. To give a written explanation many companies need to be very careful nowadays on what videos they choose to react to/cover. All Ages of Geek as a whole is not a reaction channel but reactions […]