Interview with Antonia Marquee: Creator of the “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” Theme Song

All Ages of Geek Antonia Marquee Creator of the Galaxy-Boy Delivery Theme Song

Antonia Marquee is the creator of the Galaxy-Boy Delivery theme song. In this interview we chat all about her creative journey and learn more about how she stays so positive! Learn more about Antonia Marquee HERE What inspires your work? Peace inspires everything I do. Putting peace behind my actions makes everything feel like purpose […]

Top 5 Best YouTube Kids Space Songs | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Stilo and Korl hosts of “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” the upcoming All Ages of Geek original kids show, are here to deliver some galaxy Best Songs for Kids from YouTube Kids! The kid-friendly VTubers will be recommending some awesome kids content curated specifically for parents and of course kids every day! Want to learn more about “Galaxy-Boy […]

Underrated Music

Music is a necessity to us all, and without it we would be nothing more than grey dead individuals. Through the years and centuries music has changed and evolved, from classical to rock. And this has created some of the most influential bands and songs ever to grace this planet. But sometimes there are bands […]

An Interview with City Girl

*thumbnail art by vicki I discovered City Girl around two years ago from the album “neon impasse” and fell in love with the sound. I decided to reach out to learn more about who City Girl is and the journey they took to become a musician. 1. What inspired you to start making music? My […]

Let’s Just Live: Legacy Songs of RWBY

Rwby Volume 6 on All Ages of Geek

RWBY’s music is perhaps one of the most celebrated parts of the series whether somebody enjoys the series, hates it, likes it but recognizes its flaws, or something else. One of the first things to happen after a new volume ends is people ask when the soundtrack is coming out. It seems like almost everyone […]

The Curious Case of The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet

Mysterious Song All Ages of Geek

Something I’ve always been was the one who went against the grain and was always weird and obscure throughout my life, and nothing interests me more than obscurity in technology like computers and forgotten consoles, but the most obscure thing is usually music. Music in the modern era has been a primary thing we always […]

Infinite and Unbound: The Power of RWBY’s Music

RWBY Volume 6 on All Ages of Geek

Note: This is a personal article and includes themes of mental illness, identity struggle, and other kinds of heavy topics. If you’re sensitive to these sorts of things, this may not be the article for you.  —  RWBY is a fandom divided into innumerable factions. Almost anything you say will generally be met with vehement […]