Interview with Beautyby.dom!

All Ages of Geek Beautyby.dom

We had the pleasure of interviewing beautyby.dom the artist behind this amazing makeup look. 1. How long have you been doing makeup? I started doing makeup at 14 years old but I started doing more creative looks at 21 years old. 2. What inspired you to do the War Hammer Titan Makeup? It’s funny because […]

My Hero Academia Review “Fighting Fate” Season 4 Episode 4

My Hero Academia All Ages of Geek

This episode begins with Deku and Mirio walking through the city as part of the work-study. The two heroes were told to behave normally when they encounter Overhaul. From a small dark side street runs a little girl named Eri, towards Deku and clutches him tightly. But suddenly Overhaul stands in front of them. Deku […]