Radiant Black Review – Comic Book Review

#imagecomics #superhero #sciencefiction Watch out world, a new hero is on the rise as Image Comics brings Radiant Black. Science fiction and the superhero origin flourish creating a strong addition to the roster of comic book superheroes.  The story follows the life of failed novelist Nathan Burnett as his life is transformed into something extraordinary. […]

Moonshine – Comic Review

Step into the world of Moonshine, a period piece developed by Image Comics. A story that dives into the prohibition era and enters the supernatural underworld. In the countryside of 1929 Spine Ridge, West Virginia, our protagonist Lou Pirlo sets out to make the deal of the century.  Writer Brian Azzarello does an amazing job […]

Undiscovered Country – Comic Book Review

Undiscovered Country All Ages of Geek

Image Comics puts together a post apocalyptic story that has twists and turns at every corner in Undiscovered Country. Scott Snyder and Charles Soule write a scenario of life, death, and survival. When the United States closes itself off to the rest of the world for over thirty years an unlucky group of diplomats, scientists, […]

Low – Comic Review

A tale of science fiction and humanity as Image Comics brings forth a story from the mind of Rick Remender in Low. The comic explores the vast waters underneath the earth’s surface and the civilizations emerged below the Earth’s oceans to escape the toxic radiation of the sun. Rick writes a story of loss, exploration, […]

Nailbiter Returns – Comic Review

Image Comics returns to the town of Buckaroo, Oregon as the sense of bloodlust is not finished in Nailbiter Returns. A fated phone call brings back investigator Nicholas Finch to the notorious town of Buckaroo as a murder sparks the return of the Buckaroo Butchers, the greatest serial killers in U.S. history.  Follow the story […]

10 Comic Book Series to Catch Up On Before They Return from Quarantine

Comic Book All Ages of Geek

Like nearly every other media industry, comic books took a huge hit once the coronavirus lockdown began. With comic book shops across the country forced to close, the vast majority of releases were pushed back until further notice. Fortunately, this gives readers plenty of time to catch up on some great series that they may […]

Nailbiter – Comic Book Review

The mind can be a very powerful and dangerous place as one unveils their very own capabilities. Image Comics comes forth with a series that dives into the world of the criminally insane with NailBiter.  Joshua Williamson creates the legend and myth behind the most notorious place on Earth, Buckaroo, Oregon. The small northern town […]

Ice Cream Man Review

Image From website:  ReadComicOnline.to Enter a world of sweets and terror as the Ice Cream Man becomes the source of nightmares. Image Comics creates a new ongoing series that brings out multiple elements of storytelling and world-building.  W. Maxwell Prince writes a story full of twists as he focuses on an interdimensional being named Riccardus, […]