NYCC 2023: Dragon Ball Special Panel Unveils New Anime Series Dragon Ball Daima

NYCC 2023 Dragon Ball Special Panel Unveils New Anime Series Dragon Ball Daima

Attendees of this year’s New York Comic Con were eager to see what’s in store at the Dragon Ball panel as some special announcements were teased. Little did fans know that among the agenda was the unveiling of a brand new anime series led by creator Akira Toriyama. The new series, titled Dragon Ball Daima, […]

What Pokemon Party would the Dragon Ball Z characters have?

Greetings, Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on a journey of epic proportions? I am here to talk to you about the beloved franchise that is Dragon Ball Z and its potential crossover with the equally beloved franchise of Pokemon. Check out our Naruto and Pokemon Party Crossover article too and share […]

Dragon Ball Z Reactions on All Ages of Geek’s Patreon

Stop right there! Are you a die-hard Dragon Ball Z fan? Are you looking for a way to relive the epic battles and iconic moments from the series? Look no further than All Ages of Geek’s Dragon Ball Z reactions! Every week get an insight into All Ages of Geek’s Patreon on what series are […]

Dragon Ball Z, Jackets and Surviving Winter in Otaku Style

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide your anime merchandise under a bulky winter jacket. If you’re a geek who loves to express their otaku side then Saiyanvillage has the perfect solution for you! Dragon Ball fans will be thrilled to learn more about their Dragon Ball winter jackets.  These amazing […]

Dragon Ball Reaction Episode 35

On this episode the All Ages of Geek crew reacts and reviews episode 35 of Dragon Ball! ABOUT DRAGON BALL EPISODE 34 Cold Reception” (北きたの少しょう女じょスノ Kita no Shōjo Suno, lit. “The Girl of the North, Suno”) is the 35 episode of Dragon Ball! The girl called Suno, takes Goku back to her house to recover. She and her mother explain that […]

Dragon Ball Reaction Episode 34

On this episode the All Ages of Geek crew reacts and reviews episode 34 of Dragon Ball! ABOUT DRAGON BALL EPISODE 34 “Cruel General Red” (非ひ情じょうのレッドリボン Hijō no Reddo Ribon, lit. “The Heartless Red Ribbon”) is the 34 episode of Dragon Ball! Back on Turtle Island, Master Roshi tells Krillin and Launch about the legendary origins of the seven magic balls. […]

Dragon Ball is Deep and Here’s Why

Dragon Ball is a series that everyone needs to experience once in their life. Growing up I thought Dragon Ball was just a bunch of grown men punching the life out of each other. It’s why I never decided to get into the series until now. Experiencing it for the first time as an adult […]

An Interview With The Saiyan Yourself Team!

We recently had an interview with one of the Founders at Saiyan Yourself.  Saiyan Yourself creates custom Dragonball, Dragonball Z or Dragonball Super, custom digital art turning anyone into a their very own Dragonball character. They also do other Anime such as JoJo, My Hero Academia, Cowboy and more. The process is simple, you select […]


Dragon Ball FighterZ will be getting a brand new fighter this Fall. Who you may ask? Well, it’s none other than the old, panty-sniffing, badass pervert master of Kame House himself, Master Roshi. Not much is known regarding his gameplay… because barely anything was shown. The only glimpse of gameplay fans were given was a […]

Best Anime to Stream Right Now

Best Anime All Ages of Geek

We are in a golden age of entertainment where everything to watch is available to stream online through various platforms, including anime. There are hundreds of titles to choose from for audiences and are constantly increasing with old and new shows being added to your streaming library. There are so many to pick, but we […]