Which of the DnD Dragons Are You? Take the Quiz!

Illustration featuring two Dungeons and Dragons dragons facing each other, one green and one black, with a pixelated background. The word 'Quiz!' is displayed in the top left corner, and the All Ages of Geek logo is in the bottom right corner, emphasizing the theme of a fun and engaging quiz to discover which D&D dragon matches your personality.

Hey there, DnD fans! Ever wondered which Dungeons and Dragons dragon matches your personality? Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of DnD, this fun quiz will help you discover your inner dragon. Ready to dive into the magical universe and find out which dragon best represents you? Let’s get started! Which […]

The Profound Impact of Critical Role: A Close Look at the Community’s Opinions

Ah, Critical Role. For the uninitiated, it’s like the Saturday morning cartoons of the tabletop gaming world—but for adults. Well, adults and anyone else who appreciates intricate storytelling, character development, and—let’s be honest—people making total fools of themselves as a bunch of friends for our enjoyment. Whether it’s Matt Mercer’s captivating storytelling or the engaging […]

Revolutionizing Education: RPGs Take Center Stage at SXSW EDU

All Ages of Geek SXSW EDU

by: Michael Low RPGs are coming to a classroom near you – at least if WE have anything to say about it! Last year, our team of four RPG pros and educators took SXSW EDU by storm; in fact, we were the only group with two presentations – a workshop and a panel – and […]

The 7 Best Geeky and Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts for All Ages

Podcasts are a great way for families to bond and learn new things together on the go, at home or even on family walks with the dog. All ages podcasts, in particular, offer something for everyone, making them a perfect choice for family listening. These podcasts also give parents the confidence that what they listen […]

Dice Tower Theatre presents Dawn of Dragons!

Dice Tower Theatre presents Dawn of Dragons by Mike Atchley, a narrated audio adventure.This podcasted is based off of a basement tabletop role-playing game. Dawn of Dragons can be found on multiple podcast services such as Spotify and iTunes as well as their Website. What is Dawn of Dragons really about? Fans of high fantasy, […]

We Interviewed Cezar Capacle

We interviewed Cezar Capacle RPG designer all about his work! 1. What inspires your work? The cliché (although true) answer would be: everything. Media I consume, games I play, conversations I have, places I visit, art I see. Those can all be direct sources of inspiration, or they can go to a sort of backlog […]

We Interviewed Forbidden Fae Dice

We interviewed Forbidden Fae Dice all about their work! 1. Tell us about your work? My spouse and I have been making sharp-edged resin dice for a few years as a hobby. We started receiving commissions from friends and family for special sets, and just a few months ago we created our Etsy page, Forbidden […]

We Interviewed Tom DeCillis

We had the pleasure of chatting with Tom DeCillis all about their work! 1. How long have you been in the dnd space?  I started playing D&D in May of 2020.  It always was something I wanted to try while growing up dabbling in many aspects of nerd culture. Unfortunately, for many years, time got […]

We Interviewed MasterScreen!

We had the chance to chat with MasterScreen all about their work! 1. How long have you been in the dnd space? I was introduced to D&D around 5 years ago. I knew about it before, but the books were kinda hard to get where I am from, and also my English was not that […]