Violent Night Review

The holidays have arrived, and studios are putting out some new films to celebrate the festive season. Along with this time of year, among this pack is the adult-rated black comedy Violent Night, an action-filled adventure that just so happens to involve Santa Claus himself as our hero. This film combines two genres well with […]

Stranger Things Season Four Volume Two Review

With the fourth season, Stranger Things has delivered its darkest storyline ever so far with the first volume. For the second half of the season, these last two episodes are jam-packed with major developments as it sets up for what will possibly be the final season of the series. Even though it’s only two episodes, the four hours […]

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume One Review

It’s been a long wait for Stranger Things’ fourth season to arrive on Netflix and it’s finally here. The monster hit on the streaming platform has returned for a new season with a new mystery that is much darker and more mature than the previous seasons. As the first of two volumes releasing this year, Stranger Things delivers […]