G33kdating Dating Site for Geeks Launches in English!

Exciting news Geeks! G33kdating is finally available in English! But what is G33kdating?G33kdating is the award-winning dating platform for Geeks! No need to worry about running intosomeone who doesn’t know what anime and video games are because this app has it all.G33kdating is a place where single gamers, anime & manga fans, cosplayers, and geeks […]

Diaries of a Warcraft Widow Volume II: 6 Things to Do While Your Partner Games

@Diablo via @Geekologie I’ve written before about the surprise of finding myself in an inter-geekery relationship. If you’re in a relationship with diverging geeky interests, you might not ever be one of those couples who shares a hobby. But the time intensive nature of gaming can leave you with plenty of time to hang out […]