Lore Olympus, The Number One Romance Comic on WEBTOON (Review)

Olympus, the fabled paradise of the gods is a bustling human like city with the crazy drama of a reality show in WEBTOON’s Lore Olympus. The comic takes the audience into the world of the Greek gods, exposing all of the drama and romance of their lives. Rachel Smythe, creator of Lore Olympus, takes the […]

Review: Saving Breakfast with The Breakfast Bunch

Are you looking for a new series to start your morning with? Well, do I have the comic for you! Meet The Breakfast Bunch, a new comic written and created by Ryan Little. The story follows a group of cereal mascots, or “Breakers,” given the task to find the legendary treasure known as the Perfectly […]

Why You Should Be Supporting INDEPENDENT Creators!

thumbnail image from Tumblr There are many independent creators YOU can be supporting right now. It has been known that many corporations have been using art without the permission of the artist for years now. There are many companies that do this including Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill. Instead of going to an overpriced corporation […]

Creator Spotlight: David the Hooman

Four months can seem both a very long yet very short time simultaneously.  Four months ago, I was trawling through YouTube (as I do) when a video popped up in my recs. “Musician REACTS to This Life Is Mine (feat. Casey Lee Williams)”. With that song being my complete favorite from RWBY, it was an […]