My Thoughts on the PS5 Event

Well the time finally came where we would know about the things that were going to be showed on the PS5 event that happened last Wednesday, and while it seems like things are heating up, in my eyes, it worries me about the future of consoles and this whole “PC vs Console” war that’s been […]

Console Wars: The Ending is Due

Well, it’s about damn time that this article series comes to some kind of conclusion because it feels like I milked it, but at least I gave y’all the in-depth look on a cultural movement that has existed for nearly 50 years, but now it’s the opinion part of this entire massive article series. Console […]

Console Wars: The Modern Day

Console Wars All Ages of Geek

Well folks, we finally made it to the modern day console war that has been sprawling since 2013. A very up and down generation with failures, issues, a kid forcefully destroying their console because their father told them to do so, as well as filming it, this generation was a hurricane of emotions that made […]

Console Wars: The Handheld Wars

Console Wars All Ages of Geek

Welcome to FillerMania, the only time where FillerMania actually got autocorrected to fillet mignon. I don’t know what the hell a fillet mignon is, but I assume it’s meat, and now I want to eat a burger and have some pork chops. Also, the way people say pork chops in New Jersey is weird but […]

Console Wars: The Bit Wars

Console Wars 5 All Ages of Geek

It was October 1987 and NEC joined the console war with the birth of the PC Engine in Japan. When this console was released, the graphical capabilities were mind-boggling, as it was a 16-bit console. Sega would follow suit and release the Sega Mega Drive a year after the PC Engine was released and it […]

Console Wars: The Crash and The Rise

Console Wars All Ages of Geek

1983 was pretty much like the great depression for gaming. When the video game crash happened, a lot of consoles suffered from this, as now all appeal had been lost. Not only that, the rise of home computers, like the Apple Macintosh and the legendary Commodore 64 were on the rise for this period between […]