How Millennials and Gen Z Can Understand the Bible Better

Millennials and Gen Z can understand the Bible better. I know this for a fact. Hey everyone, it’s Alex here! Today, let’s talk about something that many find challenging: diving into the Bible when the text itself seems a bit daunting. Whether it’s the old-fashioned language or the dense passages, getting into the Bible can […]

The Catholic Card Game Review


In the world of card games, where the balance between humor, engagement, and appropriateness can be as delicate as a house of cards, “The Catholic Card Game” emerges as a refreshingly wholesome yet hilariously entertaining option. Tailored specifically for those with a love or curiosity for Catholic culture, this game nevertheless opens its arms wide […]

Teaching Faith with Geek Culture and the Bible

Thumbnail for Teaching Faith with Geek Culture and the Bible with Jesus in anime form giving a thumbs up.

Ever wonder about geek culture and the Bible and how we can learn from both? In a world where wisdom is often a swipe away, we find ourselves at a crossroads of tradition and modernity. As we seek to impart the enduring teachings of the Bible to a younger, more technologically attuned generation, we must […]