Top 10 Cartoons Inspired By Anime

RWBY Vol 6 All Ages of Geek

In a previous article, I noted how anime has had a major influence on cartoons made in America. This is true especially in recent years as more and more animations are taking cues from the Japanese animation, to the point that there are very few cartoons in the modern era that aren’t anime-related. In this […]

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Changes Lives

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is magical. It changes lives. There are those who love it. Those who judge it. And in this article, we’ll explore how it has impacted the hearts of many. The series had its last episode aired in 2019. It also had 9 successful seasons, a theatrical released film and […]

Cartoon Feature: Luna’s Underworld

We were scrolling through Indiegogo and came across Luna’s Underworld: An Original Cartoon Pilot, an animated pilot about a half-demon girl who can’t seem to fit in. About Luna’s Underworld: An Original Cartoon Pilot “When the half-human half-demon Crowley Family moves to Willow’s Wood, they think they can just live a normal suburban life amongst […]

Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 4 Analysis

Steven Universe image on All Ages of Geek

Episode 4 of Steven Universe really highlighted the importance of being together and taking the time to bother with your friends. We start the episode with Steven trying to have “together breakfast” with everyone but they’re all busy with one thing or another. When he finally convinces one of them to try, they become greedy […]

The Timelessness of Spongebob

Spongebob on All Ages of Geek

Kids’ shows have always been something we all grew up on no matter how young we were. From the old-timey classics like Mickey Mouse, Popeye and Tom and Jerry to the modern legends like Ed, Edd and Eddy, Chowder, Ren and Stimpy, Steven Universe and the high rise of anime, there has been one show […]