Interview with Michelle Lam Creator of “MEESH the BAD DEMON”

All Ages of Geek MEESH the BAD DEMON

Welcome to another kid lit interview brought to you by “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”. Today we have special guest Michelle Lam creator of “MEESH the BAD DEMON” and many other mini comics and videos found across social media like her Instagram account @mewtripled. Today we talk all about “MEESH the BAD DEMON” and the inspirations behind the creation […]

All Ages of Star Wars #3: Han Solo’s Hitlerian Cousin & Human Supremacy

By Devin Mendelson Some Spoilers For Star Wars: Ambush at Corellia (Corellian Trilogy – Book 1) Two Galaxies, One Issue. Our galaxy isn’t alone in dealing with racial tensions. I just finished reading Showdown At Centerpoint, the third and final novel of the Corellian Trilogy. I was surprised by how human supremacy, xenophobia, and race […]

I’d Like to Report a Case of MacGuffin Abuse

Via I’d like to report a case of MacGuffin abuse. Perpetrator: Cassandra Clare Locale: Chain of Gold, Book One of The Last Hours In her most recent addition to the Shadowhunter Chronicles, Chain of Gold, Cassandra Clare rode one literary device to ‘til it died: the MacGuffin. MacGuffins, named by film great Alfred Hitchcock, […]

After the Fall: My Experience

After the Fall is the first official novel written for the RWBY series. It came out in 2019 and features the fan favorites, Team CFVY. It follows their escapades following the Fall of Beacon as they adapt to live in Vacuo’s Shade Academy.  I’ll admit, when this book was announced, I was excited like the […]

Warriors An Old Friend

Warriors and old friend All Ages of Geek

The Warriors or Warrior Cat book series is one of those series online that rarely gets mentioned outside of its core fandom. However, most of the time when I do see it mentioned, it tends to be derided and treated badly. It’s one of those things that I can see both sides of. The critics […]

Author of Twilight Stephenie Meyer is a Genius

Stephenie Meyer All Ages of Geek

For years people mocked Twilight, Twilight fans, and the author behind the pop culture phenomena the Twilight Saga. And for years I’ve stood behind the series with many people asking “Why?”. Well, today I’m here to drop some important knowledge on you, about why I personally think Stephenie Meyer is a genius and has made […]