BELLE Is a Must See For Any Fans of Animation

by: @SchtickySchmidt ‘Belle’ is an imaginative and immersive modern take on a classic fairytale. This film is big– it’s a spectacle to behold. The visuals are insanely stunning– vivid colors, a blend of soft and sprawling digital landscapes, captivating costumes, and unique character design. Our main heroine, Suzu, or Belle in U, is a timid high […]

Belle Review

Classic fairy tales get retold now and again in cinema, often with a modern spin to appeal to a contemporary audience. Director Hosoda Mamoru takes that concept with his latest animated feature Belle, which is a modern interpretation of the timeless story Beauty and the Beast that takes place in a world much like our own with technology […]

Anime Movie Trailer: Is Hosoda’s BELLE the New Beauty and the Beast?!

Two months ago, I wrote a little piece on Mamoru Hosoda’s new animated feature, Belle, which is officially set to release in Japan on July 16th of 2021. While there is still no update on its English premiere, Studio Chizu (Hosoda’s animation studio) has blessed us with another breath-taking preview! Unlike the trailer that I […]