DC League of Super-Pets Review

Animated films seem to be the next logical step for DC Comics after tackling a bunch of live-action features for Warner Bros. Putting on a story with the furry friends of our favorite DC superheroes seems like the right direction to go since it hasn’t been done before and a great doorway to appeal to […]

Going All Out: Batman Arkham Asylum

by: @DemonofEmpireYT The Batman Arkham Series was the epitome of Open World Gaming when its first entry came out in 2009. While most games nowadays tend to be rushed and unfinished, Batman Arkham Asylum was just the opposite as the team at Rocksteady did not pull its punches. With its memorable Combat System, Stealth Mechanics, […]

NEWS: What is DC FanDome and Why is It BACK?!

Okay, seriously. What the heck is this DC FanDome thing-y and why haven’t I heard one word about it? Yea I’ve been living in quara-limbo for what feels like the past century (it’s only been a year), but c’mon, I thought at the very least massive nerdom news such as this would trickle down to […]

Batman: Three Jokers – Comic Review

DC Comics enters the world of Gotham City and twisted chaos as the clown prince of crime makes an impact on the Bat Family. The Joker makes his presence known through the streets as the body count rises. Incredible writer Geoff Johns tears into the emotional and psychological aspects of Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon and […]

‘Gotham Knights’ revealed at DC Fandome

After years of waiting, rumors, and forum discussions and speculations, WB Montreal Games–the developers behind the underdog classic Batman: Arkham Origins— announced their new “Batman” video game at DC Fandome: Gotham Knights. The initial trailer reveals to us that the game takes place after the Death of Bruce Wayne. He sends a video and a […]

“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” revealed at DC Fandome

The surprises don’t stop coming from DC FANDOME 2020. Rocksteady unveiled their new project Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League this weekend. Check out the trailer below: Like I said in my earlier article, I wasn’t really all that thrilled about a new Suicide Squad game. But the fact Superman is in it, made me […]

BATMAN: ARKHAM LEGACY – Just give it to me already…

BATMAN All Ages of Geek

So a new Batman Arkham game was announced on Thursday during the Playstation 5 reveal livestream… What? I can dream, can’t I? Alright, it wasn’t announced, but a new Spider-Man game was announced, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to be the next chapter to Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4. Though it may actually feel like a glorified […]