We Interviewed Voice Actor Robert Jackson!

Robert Jackson Voice Actor Interview on All Ages of Geek

Hi! My name is Robert Jackson. I’m a voice actor based in Los Angeles. I’m happy to answer any questions pertaining to voice over. Let’s get started! 1. What inspired you to become a voice actor? It was something I’ve always had a fascination for since I was 5. Being surrounded with VHS tapes and […]

We Interviewed Artist Dae!

All Ages of Geek Artist Dae

We had the pleasure of interviewing artist and gamer Dae all about their work! Check them out HERE! 1. Tell us what it is like to being an artist? It’s great. It’s a ton of hard work, don’t get me wrong, but I love creating and I love being able to take my own ideas […]

We Interviewed Artist Burger Flipper!

All Ages of Geek Artist Burger Flipper!

We had the pleasure of interviewing artsit Burger Flipperr all about their work! Support them HERE! 1. What inspires your work? Many things inspire me. My friends, family, my own feelings, and the supportive and fun artists I know online! As well as the artists I look up to, it keeps me motivated hoping I […]

We Interviewed Artist Jenny Clark

We had the pleasure of chatting with artist Jenny Clark. All Ages of Geek loves to support independent creators! Be sure to read the interview to learn more about their work! 1. What inspired you to be an artist? Since I was 15 year old I usually loved to draw things then one day when […]

We Interviewed Artist Tina Terranova

We had the pleasure of chatting with artist Tina Terranova! Be sure to support their work HERE! 1. Tell us about your work! Oh where to begin? Most of my illustrative works involve fantasy, animals, or worldbuilding of some kind. I’m obsessed with making new worlds and concepting creatures, landscapes, and illustrating fantasy based content. […]

The Carle Honors Returns for Their 16th Annual Event

After a year of not hosting due to the pandemic, the Carle Honors returned to New York in a grand fashion as more beautiful art pieces were up for auction and honorees were in attendance. Hosted by the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, the annual gala returned as an in-person event for the […]

We Interviewed Artist @_ShiShu17

We had the pleasure of interviewing @_ShiShu17 all about their comic! SUPPORT HERE 1. Tell us about your comic! The history is about a recently unemployed medical student in argentina (Ayelén, a deer) , who due the despair, took the decision to look for a sugar mommy. No sugar daddy! Because she is lesbian. In […]

CottoneeSocks Is Now On Youtube!

Artist CottoneeSocks is soon joining Youtube. Be sure to subscibe to her now to stay updated with her debut! SUBSCRIBE HERE 1. What are your plans for YouTube? If all goes well I’m hoping to share a much more in depth look at how my sculptures come to life! For now I’m planning to stay […]

We Interviewed Artist Red

We had the pleasure of interviewing artist Red all about his work. Red will be working with All Ages of Geek as an animator for projects such as Galaxy-Boy Delivery, I Married a Monster on a Hill, and other upcoming projects. Check out the interview all about being an independent artist and be sure to […]

We Interviewed Artist ITZAH!

We interviewed artist ITZAH all about their work! 1. What inspires your work? When I was I kid, I had the lucky to play from Atari 2600 to SNES 2D games. So my inspiration comes from the nostalgia of the games I played as a Kid. I never thought I would become a pixel artist […]