How Millennials and Gen Z Can Understand the Bible Better

Millennials and Gen Z can understand the Bible better. I know this for a fact. Hey everyone, it’s Alex here! Today, let’s talk about something that many find challenging: diving into the Bible when the text itself seems a bit daunting. Whether it’s the old-fashioned language or the dense passages, getting into the Bible can […]

A Geeky Fiverr Experience

With many smaller geek companies and creators struggling to find ways to grow their brand in a competitive space, it can be discouraging. Everyone is competing to be the best, where the word “community” seems deluded and hard to come by. This is why All Ages of Geek strives to be that bridge between that […]

Funding for Halen: The Future of Mobile Services Apps

Have you ever asked yourself why we need a separate app for every mobile service we like to access? The Halen App has all your worries covered. This app will provide ridesharing, food/retail delivery, and travel booking all in ONE high quality app. Halen App users can expect the quality of their travels to increase. […]