Best Video Games To Play With Your Significant Other

It is Valentine’s Day and sometimes it’s nice to share things you love with your significant other, especially when it comes to video games. Playing together is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner and there are plenty of video games out there that are good for co-op sessions. Some […]

10 Happy Home Paradise Tips

by:Tussii Stauffer Here’s ten tips for designing homes in Animal Crossing’s new DLC, Happy Home Paradise. These tips shouldn’t be the end-be-all for the creativity that you can make blossom in home design, but they are useful! They’re what I try to personally keep in mind while I play the DLC. 10. Remember that you […]

October 15th, 2021 Animal Crossing Direct Recap!

by: Danielle Sullivan This Friday, Nintendo released a 23 minute direct, exclusively about updates to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Some of these updates are free, while others are paid. Regardless, there is enough awesome new content coming our way, that you will want to get back to your island and take care of all the […]

My Top 5 Video Games That Helped Me During the Pandemic

Let’s get this out of the way, this list is biased. This is an opinion piece about what games got me through this pandemic. Of course, my friends helped too. Sure we couldn’t meet face to face, but talking to them did wonders for me. Fortunately, the vaccine is here and is available! 5. Monster […]

A Few Tips For Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Introduced in 2001 by Nintendo, Animal Crossing was a fascinating social simulation game. All ages can play and go about creating clothing, design a house or fishing in the ocean. This is only a small part of the options offered. When released in March of 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons went gangbusters. Possibly due to the […]

We Interviewed Artist Marissa_Joy

All Ages of Geek Marissa_Joy

We interviewed artist Marissa! Check it out! 1. When did you start creating art? I have always been creative since I was little, and have experimented with different art mediums since I can remember. I started focusing on my art more seriously about 9 months ago and have been going strong since! 2. What inspired […]

Animal Crossing Winter Snowflake DIY Crafting Recipes List

There are eight Winter themed items you are able to craft with the regular Snowflake that you will be able to see in the new Winter Update. You will be able to unlock NEW recipes by using your slingshot to shoot down the balloons from December 11th-February 24th (Northern Hemisphere) and June 11th-August 24th (Southern Hemisphere) Here […]

NEW Spooky Surprises in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Nintendo’s just released a fall update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on September 30th. Get ready for spooky content in your game! From a Halloween event to character customization options, this new update has it all! This update adds spooky seasonal content. There’s the Halloween event, DIY projects requiring pumpkins, new character customization options, and […]

Animal Crossing Summer Update Wave 2!

Exciting news about Animal Crossing: New Horizons! A new Summer update has arrived including new features like a Firework show. Here is everything you need to know. The Summer Update happened on Thursday, July 30th. The update was originally scheduled for August but, Nintendo surprised fans earlier! In this update, a firework show will occur […]

New Horizons: A Veteran’s Perspective

Note: I am sorry to any TTS users. I normally include image descriptions but this goes into a lot of my island aesthetics. There are just so many images that I don’t want to try to describe them all. As I’ve mentioned before in my other Animal Crossing content, I’m a veteran of the series. […]